Country singer Cam Bogle talks about his ‘Miami country music’ style with Deco

Country music isn’t the first style that comes to mind when people think about Miami, but that’s about to change if local artist Cam Bogle has anything to do with it.

Cam Bogle (singing): “Pulling me in with those eyes, making me fall more in time. Yes, I like, yes, I like it.”

Cam Bogle has a new style of music he’d like to turn us on to.

The country singer told Deco all about it when we hooked up with him at KISS 99.9.

Cam Bogle: “See, I’m trying to make a little bit of a new age country for the Miami — Miami country music. Have you ever heard of it?”

Honestly, no, we haven’t, but it’s a musical stew that’s very, very cool.

Cam Bogle: “I bridged the gap between pop and rock and country, and that’s what I got.”

The 19-year old found his sound by accident.

He just went with what felt right.

Cam Bogle: “When I went into the studio it was like ‘I want some of that,” and ‘I want some of that,” and I wasn’t trying to go for sort-of a new age country. It’s what sounded good to my ears.”

Fans are definitely digging these fresh, down home tunes, but once upon a time, he sounded like this.

Cam Bogle (singing): “Woke up in a small town. A king bed and I’m all alone. I wish you woulda called me when I left you voicemails on your phone.”

Cam started out as a pop singer-songwriter.

It took him a while to work up the courage to go country.

Cam Bogle: “I didn’t have the guts to start singing country around all my friends who liked Drake and hip-hop and all that sort of stuff.”

There is one tradition he doesn’t want to change.

Cam Bogle: “I always want to tell a story ’cause that’s definitely what country’s about, but I want to do it in more of a melodic way.”

Cam’s new to our town. He’s been living in Miami less than a year, but he’s already found his hangout spot.

Cam Bogle: “I love Wynwood. The restaurants there are amazing, and the people there are around my age, so I get to talk to people.”

You can catch Cam at the KISS 99.9 Chili CookOff.

The event goes down next Saturday at C.B. Smith park in Pembroke Pines.

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