Copa Room

Michael Jackson and Madonna used to hang out on Miami Beach… and now they’re back. Well, sort of… in a new show. A new venue promises all-star celebrity entertainment — minus the South Beach attitude.

There’s a new club on South Beach, but you won’t find a velvet rope here. Just some of the hottest acts in showbiz.

Shawn Shahnazi, owner of Copa Room: “It’s entertainment meets all inclusive, basically no dress code, ironically, I’m wearing the tux, it’s tux to shorts you can get in.”

Patron: “They bring the pow to the punch, I am enjoying this night!”

Copa Room on Miami Beach is a Vegas style revue featuring impersonators and live performers.

From Beyonce to Freddie Mercury — Michael Jackson to Adele — it’s all night entertainment.

Shawn Shahnazi: “They are quality, Las Vegas style shows. We just start at beginning, that’s our thing, by doing 12 to 14 real professional dancers. There are people that actually sing the song, dancers that replicate the video.”

Between shows, you won’t have to pull out your wallet. Open bar is included in the admission price.

Shawn Shahnazi: “We’ll be charging $80 weekdays, $100 on weekends, 20 percent off Florida residents.”

On the night Deco showed up, the crowd was loving it.

Patron 2: “The show was great, seriously legit. It was phenomenal.”

Patron 3: “It was awesome. The performers, dancers, everything. We loved it.”

Even “Star Wars” fans have something to cheer about. Ever seen a twerking Wookie?

You have now.

When it comes to South Beach clubs — looks like there’s plenty of room for more entertainment.


Copa Room Show & Nightclub
1235 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(786) 216-7785

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