Cooper’s Hawk offers variety of wine options for complementary food pairings

Choosing the right bottle of wine to go with your meal can be costly and a little intimidating. But we know a place where you can save face and a lot of cash at the same time. No need to be a connoisseur here, as long as you’re an expert at having a great time.

At Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant in Pembroke Pines, you can eat, drink and definitely be merry.

Jason Plutz, vice president of operations: “Cooper’s Hawk is a unique experience that combines an American-style menu, handcrafted wines and a Napa-style tasting room all under one roof.”

There’s no middle man where the vino’s concerned.

Jason Plutz: “Our wines are made in countryside Illinois. They’ve won over 500 awards. We’re the 34th largest winery in the country.”

There are plenty of varieties to choose from. But don’t sweat when it comes to pairing the right bottle with your dinner.

That’s already been taken care of.

Jason Plutz: “Our wines are catered to the menu, so the wine is paired with the food. It’s the perfect complement and they go together.”

If you can turn a page, you’ll end up with the perfect match of food and drink.

Jason Plutz: “You open up the menu and there’s a bin number and the bin number correlates to the wines that we serve. We have over 50 varietals here.”

Jason Plutz: “So, someone with not a lot of knowledge of pairing wine and food, this is what it’s for.”

At the Hawk, wine isn’t just for sipping.

It’s more like a lifestyle.

Jason Plutz: “Wine represents everything that Cooper’s Hawk is, which is creating community. So, you take a glass of wine and you have that glass, you share it with people, you enjoy it with people.”

A lot of that mingling goes on in the tasting room in the front of the restaurant.

Jason Plutz: “And in there you can taste six different varietals of wine that change on a monthly basis.”

There’s more to the tasting room than popping corks and buying wines.

Jason Plutz: “If you come into our tasting room, you get to experience our artisanal market, which is a combination of very specific specialty foods that are proprietary to Cooper’s Hawk combined with wine paraphernalia that makes the experience of wine even better.”

From the Americana-inspired dishes on the menu to the dozens of different wines waiting to abandon the shelves and fill your glass, Cooper’s Hawk should be at the top of your to-do list.

Guest: “There’s a tasting right when you walk in. There’s a full bar. You can sit down and eat. There’s a lot of different options.”

Besides the different wine choices at Cooper’s Hawk, they’ve got a number of specialized menus, too.

You can go with their regular menu, go gluten-free or try the life-balance menu if you’re counting calories.


Cooper’s Hawk
10310 Pines Blvd.
Pembroke Pines, FL 33026
(954) 582-9463

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