A lot of people had that Easy Bake oven when they were kids. We aren’t kids anymore, but all of that is still possible, thanks to a South florida baking company — and since we’re over 21, there is an added bonus: a little drinky drink.

Check out what’s rolling up in SoFlo….

Natasha O’Connor, Bake It on Wheels: “Bake It on Wheels is a baking party bus. It’s simple: we bring the baking party to your doorstep.”

A baking party lets you and some friends make, bake and decorate all kinds of sweet treats inside a converted bus.

Natasha O’Connor: “The Bake It on Wheels bus is the first ever baking school bus.”

They host all kinds of parties, but our fave is the one for adults.

Natasha O’Connor: “The Bake It and Booze Package is BYOB. You bring your booze and snacks, and we supply the fun.”

Once everyone is on board, it’s time to start baking. Cookies, anyone?

Natasha O’Connor: “We bake the cookie dough for you. We teach you how to roll it out, how to cut the cookies with the form. We teach you how to pick them up from the tray, and the best part about it is, it actually bakes the bus, so while you are sitting here having a good time, you’re getting that sweet aroma.”

When the cookies are done, you decorate ’em with royal icing.

Natasha O’Connor: “You don’t need any skills. That’s our job, to teach you how to do it.”

Everyone also makes spicy rum boozy cupcakes from scratch.

Natasha O’Connor: “Once the cupcakes are done baking, you decorate it with butter cream and some yummy, delicious coconut flakes. We teach you how to make them infused by using a pipette with rum.”

Because you can’t have too much sugar, you even learn how to decorate a cake. Those are baked ahead of time. You do the fun stuff.

Natasha O’Connor: “We provide each person with a delicious yellow base cake, and we teach you step-by-step instructions on how to decorate with frosting.”

You get more than memories when you leave. You take home everything you made.

Sandra Rojas, customer: “It’s such an incredible idea to gather family and friends in one bus, and just be able to just disconnect and just drink and be creative and cook and spend time together.”

The Bake It and Booze Package costs about $550 for 10 people.

Sandra Rojas: “It’s just simple, and its easy. You don’t have to think about anything. You just sit down and create and just catch up.”

Bake It on Wheels

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