Contestants bring the fire at Miami Heat dancer auditions

If you’re like Lynn, your favorite part of a Miami Heat game is watching the Heat dancers. They are on fire! The squad held its annual boot camp this week.

About 50 hopefuls made it through, and let’s just say it’s a lot more than hairspray and squats.

The Miami Heat are ready to light a fire this season, and so are the Heat dancers.

The dance squad is on the hunt for the best of the booty-shaking best.

Dozens of hopefuls turned up for boot camp at Barry University in Miami Shores.

Natalia Gonzalez, Heat Dancer Manager: “Today’s our first day of boot camp. The girls went through a vigorous open Sunday audition, and tonight is the first night where I get to see them a little bit closer.”

The girls are competing to see who has what it takes to turn up the heat!

Christina, dancer: “This is my second season. We have to prove ourselves as a vet and prove that we can bring just as much or more to the team.”

The biggest challenge?

Learning a new routine, on the spot, with no prep.

Natalia Gonzalez: “I’m definitely looking for girls that are gonna entertain me. I don’t care if they’re technical dancers or better at hip-hop. In our arena, about 19,000 people fit in any given night, so we need girls that can just entertain the crowd.”

From first timers to vets — it’s all about showing what you got.

Desi, dancer: “You just get in the moment and focus on the information that’s being given to you and listen to the beat and put it together.”

Angie, dancer: “Definitely does not get any easier. Being my third year, I thought I would feel more comfortable, but there’s always different challenges that come throughout each season, whether you’re a rookie, and you’re first starting off, or you’re a second year veteran.”

The final cut will take place this Friday.

After that, it’s just a few short months until the season starts.

Natalia Gonzalez: “Starting next week, we’re gonna go straight into rehearsals. As we all know, the season’s gonna start a little bit earlier this year. We have our first preseason game October 1, so we definitely need to be ready for that.”

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