Cono Pizza uses cones as hand-held savory treat

In Deco Drive, we have four major food groups: salty stuff, healthy stuff, sweet stuff and pizza. We think pizza is so good it’s in a class all its own. Deco found a spot that had a pie in the sky idea when it comes to making pizza.

Dan Aykroyd (as Beldar Conehead): “Ah pizza, I will enjoy it.”

We’ve seen them on aliens’ heads.

We’ve seen them as fashion statements.

Tom Hanks (as Forrest Gump): “They gave me all the ice cream I could eat.”

And we’ve seen them as desserts.

Now thanks to Cono Pizza in Miami, cones are being used for a savory treat.

Patricia Gavilan, employee: “Cono Pizza is a unique restaurant that makes hand-held cone shaped pizza.”

Cones come in handy, so this fun shaped pizza makes perfect sense.

Patricia Gavilan: “The cone is a family tradition. It used to be handmade, now we designed a machine to make it.”

Cono makes the dough from scratch.

It goes into the cone machine, and the crust bakes up perfectly shaped and crispy.

Then it’s up to you to fill ’em however you like. And since the cone is sealed on the bottom, fill away.

Patricia Gavilan: “One of the good things about the cone is that it’s clean. You don’t get grease on your hands.”

After the inside is brushed with sauce, go crazy.

Fill your cone with cheese, meats, more cheese, more sauce, more meats, cheese and even a little more sauce.

Or if veggies are your thing, veg out.

Alicia Alvarez, customer: “I think it’s great. It’s very different, unique. I have never seen a place like this ever.”

To top off this cool idea, they can even stuff ’em with tuna.

Aileen Alvarez, customer: “They have more combinations. I have never seen fish in any pizza. I mean, you’ll see shrimp, but not fish.”

One cone is equal to two slices of pizza, but the cones are way more fun to eat.

Alicia Alvarez: “It tastes like pizza, but it’s like you are biting into a cone, an ice cream cone, because it’s crunchy on the outside.”

The pizza cones at Cono cost under $4.

And at that price, you can grab one for each hand.

Aileen Alvarez: “People should come here because of the uniqueness of the pizza. This is not seen everyday.”


Cono Pizza
1200 SW 67th Ave.
Miami, FL 33144
(305) 639-8492

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