Connect with elephants while practicing yoga at Zoo Miami

Yoga is one of those things that require focus and flexibility. It’s relaxing and can get you in shape. But, now you can take a class where some classmates weigh a few tons … and are tons of fun.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…


This outdoor yoga class lets you and your fellow yogis become one with nature.

And at Peace, Love & Elephant inside Zoo Miami, sometimes nature joins the class too.

Diana McCarthy, yoga teacher: “Peace, Love & Elephants is our way of allowing you to connect mind, body and soul through the practice of yoga with the elephants.”

This Saturday morning, Body for Yoga in Miami will lead a class in front of the Asian elephant habitat.

Lauren Inderbitzin, zookeeper: “It’s a really unique experience to be in the zoo before the zoo opens. So you are here and it’s super quiet, it’s before the big summer heat sets in, so it’s a little cooler environment.”

Diana McCarthy: “When you do it in the morning, the birds are chirping, everyone is wide awake, the scenery is incredible.”

Guests take a tram to the yoga spot for about an hour-packed with pachyderms and poses.

Lauren Inderbitzin: “Both the elephants and the people do the yoga. As we are doing yoga out here, they are watching us and it’s stimulating, but it’s fun for them to get to watch.”

Elephants may work for peanuts…

But for people, this class costs $45 for non-zoo members and $35 for members, and all the money goes to a good cause.

Lauren Inderbitzin: “The Asian elephants are an endangered species, so us being here and raising that awareness is hopefully reaching out to hundreds of people a day.”

Peace, love & Elephant yoga is open to everyone from beginners to experts.

Christina Gonzalez, participant: “I really enjoy the elephants. It’s something to focus on, so when you are struggling a little bit or you’re feeling a little bit tired, it’s always nice to look up and see the amazing creatures with you in this moment.”

Lauren Inderbitzin: “It really is a one-of-a-kind experience.”

If you want to hang out at the zoo after Peace, Love & Elephant, you can.

They’ll hold your yoga mat while you walk around Zoo Miami and you can pick it up on your way out.

To buy tickets to Peace, Love & Elephant and for more information, go to the link below.


Peace, Love & Elephant at Zoo Miami
12400 SW 152nd St.
Miami, FL 33177
(305) 251-0400

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