Who run the world? Girls! “The First Wives Club” on BET is back for its sophomore season. It’s all about strength, sisterhood, and of course, a little drama. One of its stars was once part of the Deco family. We sat down with Michelle Buteau.

Voiceover narration: “It’s true what they say: good friends make you laugh a little louder and make life a hell of a lot better.”

There’s no squad like a girl squad, and the ladies of BET’s “First Wives Club” are ready for Season 2.

Jill Scott (as Hazel Rachelle): “Time is money. We should get started.”

Michelle Mitchenor (as Jayla Wright): “Time is a construct of the patriarchy.”

Jill Scott (as Hazel Rachelle): “Oh, Lord.”

The show follows a group of friends in New York City as they deal with life’s ups and downs together.

Comedian and former Deco Drive editor Michelle Buteau is back as Bree, and she’s still got love for us.

Michelle Buteau: “I love you guys so much!”

We love you too, Michelle. All right, back to the show.

Michelle Buteau: “My character Bree Washington, in Season 2, she is still that overwhelmed wife, who’s also a surgeon, trying to take care of her kids, trying to not experience the whole burnout of it all that we all experienced, especially after this last year.”

Girrrrl, we totally feel you.

Character in “First Wives Club”: “The current chief of surgery is leaving. I would love to throw your hat in the ring.”

Michelle Buteau (as Bree): “I’m honored.”

Bree is overwhelmed, but she’s trying to keep it together.

Michelle Buteau: “She is really trying her best, and what I love about this character that I can relate to so much is that, you know, she just wants to have fun. She wants to hold it down, but she wants to have fun.”

Bree is also trying to work on her marriage, but let’s just say there may be some “hot-stacles” – I mean obstacles.

: “You got us a ‘manny’ Jesus!”

RonReaco Lee (as Gary Washington): “Mm-mmm. It’s pronounced ‘hay-SOOS.'”

Michelle Buteau: “All I will say is that, thank you, Tracy Oliver, who created the show, because she has given me some love interests.”

Guys aside, friendship and empowerment are the real heart of the show, and those are two things, Michelle says, are super important in her real life.

Michelle Buteau: “I really rely on my friends to do all those things for me, call me out on something, celebrate with me, be real with me. Don’t just lean on me, let me lean on you, too.”

Michelle Buteau (as Bree Washington): “Ari needs her ride or die bitches. Clear your schedules and suit up. Sunglasses. Oh, and seatbelts. Safety first, everybody. Really give it some, give it the slack.”

The Season 2 premiere of “First Wives Club” is now streaming on BET Plus.

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