Sometimes, throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks is truly a brilliant idea, especially when it comes to ice cream. For the scoop, here’s the man comfortable wearing nothing but whipped cream and sprinkles, Alex Miranda.

Can you say sugar overload?!

Cake, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, candy, Popsicles, pretzels — a new ice cream shop in the 305 is throwing it all into their desserts.

Yum Yum Miami is shaking up the South Florida ice cream scene.

Jason Plummer, Yum Yum Miami: “Yum Yum Miami is an unusual ice cream shop in Miami Gardens, and there’s no place like it. We do a lot of crazy shakes with a lot of stuff packed up on top.”

Of course, you can get just your usual scoop of ice cream, but feast your eyes on these!

Yum Yum Miami practically puts everything but the kitchen sink in their milkshakes!

Jason Plummer: “We can throw almost anything in there!”

He means it! The birthday cake shake is a gift all on its own!

Jason Plummer: “We make it with birthday cake ice cream down on the bottom. Then, we have cotton candy sprinkles and chocolate sixlets. We have a muffin in the middle. Then, we have another scoop of ice cream on the top. Then, we have the slice of cake with birthday cake Kit Kats.”

Got all that? Wow.

Jason Plummer: “I want it to be a ‘wow’ factor. This is an elevated ice cream experience. When you come here, you’ll get stuff you’ve never seen before.”

The so yummy milkshake comes with a whirly pop and rock candy.

Alannah Akins, customer: “I’ve never seen a dessert with so much stuff in it. It’s good. I like it a lot.”

And the so minty is mint chocolate chip ice cream with a Haagen Dazs Popsicle and mint Kit Kat bars.

Nimrod Whyte, customer: “I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s excellent. It’s awesome.”

The so nerdy slushi is another work of art.

You’ve got orange sherbet, gummy bears, banana candies, and the cup is rimmed with nerds.

Kaylea McDonald, customer: “It’s very good. The colors are vibrant, and it has a lot of candy in there, so I really like it.”

No doubt you’ll wanna take photos of whatever dessert you order, and there are plenty of pretty ones.

Yum Yum Miami’s creations are picture perfect for Instagram.

You can walk up to the window for your order, but people seem to love lining up for drive-thru!

Yum Yum Miami may finally prove anything tastes good with ice cream.

Yum Yum Miami is located right on Northwest 183rd Street. They’re open seven days a week.


Yum Yum Miami
3269 NW 183rd St.
Miami Gardens, FL 33056

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