Cochon 555 delivers virtual pork cooking lessons for 2020 food festival

Time to squeal with delight.

The annual pork-tastic festival – Cochon 555 is coming back to Miami.

Cochon means pig in French, and swine is the star of this show.

Like most things this year, they’ve had to make changes. Don’t worry, the basics are still there.

And thank goodness because I’m hungry.

Pig out and go hog wild for Cochon 555.

The event takes place in cities all over the U.S., and from Sept. 22 through the 27, Miami gets to show off the “other white meat.”

Brett Friedman: “It’s basically to highlight heritage bred pork. It’s a message all about sustainability. We exclusively only support local farmers from the cities we are participating in.”

Cochon has gone on for over a decade. In the past, hundreds of people in each city got together to taste pork made by local chefs, but in 2020, things are different, including the name.

Brett Friedman: “Carry Out with Cochon is our adaptation to the programming.”

For five days, five SoFlo chefs, one each night, will create a bunch of pork dishes.

Guests can buy tickets for however many nights they want, and the food can be delivered or you can pick it up.

Brett Friedman: “They can still experience the Cochon experience from the comfort of their own home.”

Each ticket gets you drinks, food that’s ready to heat and eat, and ingredients to cook one course with the chef. You do that virtually.

Brett Friedman: “It is you and the other 50 people who have purchased this class.”

Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli from Eating House in Coral Gables is ready to get his pork on.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “We went with a very heavily Italian meal. This is very Miami a very pork city. But also the pig reigns supreme in Italy.”

The real fun is getting to make pork bolognese and pasta with a master.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “We are going to cook pasta at home. Finish it with the sauce and some butter and cheese.”

Over at Ember in the design district, Chef Brad Kilgore is excited to virtually open his kitchen to Cochon guests.

Brad Kilgore: “The dish we will be doing on the Zoom with everyone participating is the n’duja recette. I thought it was most important because the bread needs to be freshly toasted.”

Not only is Carry Out with Cochon five nights of amazing food, but think of it as a private cooking lesson with some of South Florida’s best chefs.

Leslie Wolfson: “It’s a once in a lifetime thing. I am not going to be doing this all the time. It was easy and hopefully, we can replicate it.”


Carry Out with Cochon

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