Club Pilates holds Barre at the Bar class in Brickell

After a solid workout, sometimes you just wanna grab a drink, so how great would it be if someone is right there to just hand you one? We’ve found a one-of-a-kind fitness class. Bar none.

Nothing to see here … just a fitness class going on inside a bar! Welcome to Barre at the Bar.

Lorin Jetter, instructor: “Barre fitness comes from bar as in ballet bar, the bar you would do in a ballet class. It’s a little more fitness-oriented in barre fitness, but everything still is based from classical ballet training.”

Club Pilates holds these free classes at Sweet Caroline in Brickell.

While customers sip on their drinks, these ladies are getting their sweat on.

Lorin Jetter: “It’s a total body workout, but you’ll definitely feel the lower body a little bit more because you’re doing so many squats and knee bends, plies, eleves — fancy ballet stuff.”

Ulia Franklyn, patron: “The most difficult part is this bar isn’t an actual bar, so it’s hard to hold onto, but they have the music going, you have your instructor, you’re doing the same movements.”

Meanwhile, the bartenders are doing their own thing while all of this is going down.

Gina Rancaño, bartender: “It actually gives you a little something to do. It’s a little cool to be people watching and it makes me want to work out actually.”

It’s more than just a play on words that sparked the idea for this unique fitness sesh.

Lorin Jetter: “We wanted to make an event for the community that wasn’t so intense in a studio. We wanted to make it a little bit more fun, a little bit more relaxed.”

And who doesn’t feel more relaxed with a drink?

The first one’s on the house if you wanna stick around after class.

Sica Nielsen, patron: “I always like anything that involves sweating and drinking. It was great. It’s a great idea. I’d love to do it again.”

Lorin Jetter: “We like to have these moments where it’s not just come in, work out and go; where it’s let’s all get to know everybody, be a little bit more friendly, make it more than just sweat and go home.”

Club Pilates has another Barre at the Bar class coming up on Sept. 5.


Club Pilates’ Barre at the Bar

Sweet Caroline
1111 SW 1st Ave #107
Miami, FL 33130

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