In the new drama “Four Good Days,” Glenn Close and Mila Kunis take on addiction. We do talk about that, I promise … buuuuut there’s a more pressing issue at hand that I felt we needed to tackle first: Glenn’s “Da Butt.”

Can we get something out of the way? Behind us, shall we say?

Alex Miranda: “Glenn’s ‘Da Butt.’ Did you live? Tell me how legendary this was.”

Mila Kunis: “I may have a recording of it.”

Glenn Close: “Oh, shoot!” (laughs)

Mila Kunis: “It has been replayed multiple times.”

I’m here to talk with the great Glenn Close and Mila Kunis about their new movie “Four Good Days.”

But there’s an elephant in the room: Glenn’s viral dance moment at the Oscars, to Experience Unlimited’s “Da Butt.”

Mila Kunis: “It was very unexpected for me!”

Glenn Close: “It did for me.”

On second thought, though, Mila tells me she wasn’t really all that surprised by the gyration situation.

Mila Kunis: “Yeah, that makes sense. Glenn Close would get up and twerk.”

Well, one thing we did expect: a powerful performance in the new addiction drama, based on a true story.

Glenn Close (as Deb): “It just goes on and on.”

Mila Kunis (as Molly): “I’m so sorry that my drug addiction is so incredibly difficult on you!”

Glenn plays a mother who takes in her addict daughter after she emerges from a detox clinic.

Glenn Close: “You see a mother not let her child come in the house. and I thought, ‘What on earth could possibly make someone do that?'”

Mila plays Molly, a mother of two who’s been struggling to stay clean for a decade, at the cost of everything, including custody of her kids.

Mila Kunis: “What does it take for a human being to be so dependent upon something that their love for their child is not simply enough?”

Mila is also a mom to two, with husband Ashton Kutcher.

Mila Kunis: “I’m obsessed with my kids, probably in an unhealthy way. I would move a mountain for them, like, anything. How would I not stop doing drugs for them?”

But she says she knows this mental illness is often misunderstood.

Mila Kunis: “This is a disease, not a choice. Like, it’s so hard to wrap your head around this. You can’t just be like, ‘Meh, meh, I’m done.'”

Glenn Close: “The amount of addiction in this country now and how it decimates families, is something that hopefully get empathy about.”

“Four Good Days” is now playing in theaters.

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