We found out “whoooo” the “Masked Singer” Snow Owls are. Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black are telling us all about their experience after getting unmasked.

This was one for the “Masked Singer” history books. The Snow Owls were the show’s first duet competitors.

Country singer Clint Black and actress-singer Lisa Hartman Black say it was great to be able to share the experience together.

Clint Black: “It feels twice as good. It was great, we were — we’re not having to miss each other. We got to go through it together as pals and, married couple we are, we had a much better time that way, I think.”

It was also pretty interesting performing side-by-side in a giant egg.

Clint Black: “Itching and scratching.”

Lisa Hartman Black: “Itching and scratching and sweating and not being able to breathe. The list goes on and on. Well, for me, I had these big shoulders, these feathers, so I would have to turn like this to look at Clint because you can’t go like that.”

The show inspired them to record more music together, including a duet Clint wrote.

Clint Black: “We’re going to perform live, do a whole show. Our daughters are going to join us at the Ryman on December 2nd.”

And they’ll be doing their own guessing as the season continues.

Lisa Hartman Black: “Honestly have no idea who else is.”

Clint Black: “I know. I know everything.”

Lisa Hartman Black: “You don’t know. He doesn’t know. He doesn’t know anything.”

Clint Black: “I know who everyone is and what they have for lunch.”

Lisa Hartman Black: “We have no idea, so we’re curious to see. There’s some amazing singers on the show.”

Seahorse: “It’s such a tight race.”

Wednesday night, it’s the Group B final, with two singers moving on to the Super Six and two more getting unmasked.

The singing, the guessing, the intrigue! It all continues on a new “Masked Singer,” Wednesday at 8 p.m., right here on 7.

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