Classic British TV comedy ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ hits big screen

(WSVN) - After 24 years, the British TV comedy “Absolutely Fabulous” is being brought to the big screen. This time, Naomi’s been replaced by another model — Kate Moss — and she’s just one of a ton of stars popping up in the flick. Grab the Bolly, everyone!

Jennifer Saunders (as Edina Monson): (falls out of car) “Oh, God! Darling, sweetheart!” (falls again)

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley get up to all kinds of drunken shenanigans in “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.”

Jennifer Saunders: “These two women go through life smoking, drinking and living life without brakes.”

Joanna Lumley: “Patsy’s particularly dependent on Edina for everything, actually.”

Saunders: “Yes, for money.”

Lumley: “Exactly. She doesn’t eat, so she doesn’t need food, but she needs drinks and she needs money. Somewhere to stay.”

Saunders: “Sometimes to lie on the floor.”

Lumley: “Yeah, lie on the floor.” (laugh)

From trying to keep Jennifer’s PR firm in business…

Saunders: “She needs some money. She’s seriously spent too much. Her house, everything’s too big in her life. She’s ran out of champagne.”

Saunders (as Edina): “I’m working from Nobu this week.”

Lumley (as Patsy): “You don’t know this, and I don’t know this, but Kate Moss is changing her PR. You’ve got to get her!”

Saunders: “She wants to be the coolest person, and to be the coolest person is to be near Kate, or for Kate to be her friend. That’s her fantasy, is Kate going, ‘Oh, we love you Eddie. Please do my PR.'”

Saunders (as Edina): “Have you seen Kate? Have you seen Kate? Kate! Kate!” (then she pushes Kate over balcony, into the water)

To accidentally pushing supermodel Kate Moss into the River Thames.

Saunders (as Edina): “How bad could this be, you know?”

Julia Sawalha (as Saffron): “You have killed Kate Moss.”

And then going on the run from the police.

Kate says she was dying to be in this film.

Kate Moss: “It was such an amazing take on the fashion business, and it kind of made me laugh. It’s a dream come true; it really is.”

She’s not the only celeb popping up. AbFab’s packed with tons of cameos, including Jon Hamm, Jerry Hall, Rebel Wilson and “Baby Spice” Emma Bunton.

Emma Bunton: “We laughed through the whole thing. You know, just reading the scripts, being on set.”

Saunders: “It was fantastic. When the cameras were turned off everyone was talking, and still having a party. It was great.”

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