Ciders and Mead at The Spillover

Mom was right: don’t cry over spilled milk. And at The Spillover in Coconut Grove, you aren’t going to cry over anything.

The Spillover in Coconut Grove is spilling over with yummy goodness.

Matthew Kuscher, The Spillover: “We are the first cider and mead bar in Miami.”

Here is alcohol 101.

Matthew Kuscher: “Spanish-style ciders or American ciders are made with apples different ways, different processes, and we have them all. Meads are more like honey wines.”

You drink cider before your meal, and it goes great with seafood.

Matthew Kuscher: “There are all different kinds of ciders. We serve European ciders; they are funky, stinky, smelly. They open your palate.”

Funky and stinky aren’t usually selling points … until now.

Matthew Kuscher: “Just like caviar or blue cheese, once you give it a chance, you get it once, twice, a third or fourth time. You are going to start craving it.”

As for meads…

Matthew Kuscher: “Our meads, on the other hand, are more a digestive, and more of a finisher.”

Meads also have more alcohol.

Matthew Kuscher: “It’s something you don’t want to drink too much of, which is why we do smaller pours of them.”

As for the food, fresh seafood is the star, but if fish isn’t your thing, go for the Buffalo heirloom cauliflower.

Matthew Kuscher: “It’s almost like a healthy chicken wing.”

And get there early for the gator ribs, because they have a limited number.

Matthew Kuscher: “We do try to limit to 15 a day, and if you don’t get here, you miss out.”

From the art on the walls to the stuff in the bathroom, the decor is as fun and funky as the food.

James Miille: “I love the atmosphere here. I love the doors being walls and ceiling. I love art all over the place. It’s really cool.”

And don’t be surprised when a cutout of Don Francisco or picture of Justin Bieber join you in the bathroom.

Sydnie Keeter: “The ambiance is cool, the aesthetic is cool. It’s a fun, funky place, so yeah, it’s great.”

Say cheers. The Spillover is a beautiful spot.


The Spillover
2911 Grand Ave.
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
(305) 456-5723

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