Cibo Wine Bar

Nothing complements a good Italian meal like some fine wine. A bottle of white, a bottle of red, maybe some rosé instead… Deco’s Chris Van Vliet has the deets on an eatery that’s filling your glass in a most angelic way. 

If you love wine, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? There’s a new restaurant in the 954 that provides some help sent from above to fill your glass. You might even call it "heavenly help."

Bottom’s up at Cibo Wine Bar in Fort Lauderdale, the wine angel has people’s heads spinning before they even take a sip.

Paulina Arango: "I’m part angel, part sommelier. I get to fly around for my job, just hang out, fly around. Not too bad, not to shabby. And I also get to learn all about the wine."

Now it’s not all Cirque du Soleil for the angel.

Paulina Arango: "In the wine cellar, I make sure the wine’s organized. I prepare bottles of wine for customers and I also serve bottles of wines."

The angel will go to great heights to secure your wine and that’s how she likes it!

Paulina Arango: "It’s a lot of fun, it’s very cool and it keeps me in shape. I have a gym membership, but this is the gym."

But foodies cannot live by wine alone. At Cibo, what’s on the plate matches what’s in the glass. The chef makes sure of it.

Victoria Arballo: "He mainly focused on Southern Italian, however we have everything we have fish, meat, pasta, pizza, of course a lot of polenta."

That’s Gorgonzola polenta topped with beef short ribs and cripsy onions. And those fries– they’re made of polenta, too.

And the pizza…

Victoria Arballo: "The pizza maker’s here just to make pizzas, I mean he makes the dough he does it all in front of you."

You can also watch Prosciutto di Parma sliced for the house antipasto…

The chef is in back, cooking up one of his specialties like the lobster risotto, the grilled branzino, or linguini with seafood.

Everything tastes authentic, ’cause it is.

Victoria Arballo: "And we make everything in-house. Most of our ingredients are imported from Italy."

Diners like the warm vibe of the restaurant while enjoying their meal. They also like watching the wine angel do her thing. 

Paulina Arango: "They just stop mid-bite and it’s like, ‘Oh, wow she’s flying.’"


Cibo Wine Bar