Christy & Co. mixes pop culture, children’s photography

“Game of Thrones” and “Grease” aren’t exactly for kids, until now! Even though they aren’t G-rated, one SoFlo photographer is letting you celebrate the classics with your little one.

Oh baby!

These days baby pictures are cute and creative, and thanks to Christy & Co. Photography in Coral Gables, pictures of your little one now have big-time themes.

Christina Mendoza, owner: “Christy & Co. is a child photography studio known for our creative sets.”

Saying “cheese” isn’t cheesy because Christy’s pop culture photo shoots make her work popular.

Christina Mendoza: “A lot of parents like to see their children in an environment that is familiar to them as a child or just something that is trending now.”

From “Harry Potter,” to “Wizard of Oz,” to “Alice in Wonderland,” some of your favorite flicks are now baby picture themes.

Christina Mendoza: “A lot of things like superheroes or ‘Grease’ or ”Mickey Mouse Club House’ — things like that are actually very popular and have remained popular throughout time.”

Ben Affleck (as Batman): “I’m Batman.”

Superheroes are super adorable. This Batman takes the cape!

Christina Mendoza: “Our ‘Game of Thrones’ — that might well be one our favorite set to date. Just something that was very different and hadn’t seen anyone do it yet. And it was baby-proof. It was made out of foam, and you would never think so.”

Laura Candeau, client: “I think Christy is amazing. She is so talented and creative, and the way she interacts with the baby is just amazing.”

Christy likes to get to know the parents and the babies to make sure the shoot isn’t a beast and every pic is a beauty.

Christina Mendoza: “Sometimes your babies need time to eat. Sometimes they need a cat nap. So we do block off ample time. And I only do a certain number of shoots a day in order to make sure this shoot that has been so elaborately planned goes well.”

Christy & Co. mixes your favorite thing, with your favorite little one, and makes memories to last a lifetime.

Prices for photos and photo sessions vary.


Christy & Co. Photography

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