Theaters are reopening, and the big screen doesn’t get any bigger or better than the IMAX in Fort Lauderdale. It’s holding special screenings for the long anticipated movie, “Tenet.” Deco’s Alex Miranda is live at the Museum of Science and Discovery in Fort Lauderdale.

Ever wish you could go back in time and change up a few things?

Well, Christopher Nolan’s new action epic, “Tenet,” will have thinking twice about that.

Kenneth Branagh (as Andrei Sator): “How would you like to die?”

John David Washington (as The Protagonist): “Old.”

Kenneth Branagh (as Andrei Sator): “You chose the wrong profession.”

With World War III on the line, a secret agent has to manipulate time in a way that, admittedly, may confuse you on first watch.

Christopher Nolan: “The film deals with this concept of inversion, which is the idea that the entropy of an object or a person could be reversed.”

Wait, what?

Clémence Poésy (as Barbara): “You’re not shooting the bullet; you’re catching it.”

John David Washington (as The Protagonist): “Whoa.”

Ahh, OK. I get it, sort of.

But this whole new way of thinking, which Nolan mapped out for 10 years, wasn’t easy at times on the actors, either.

John David Washington: “Nobody’s ever thrown an inverted punch before, so how do you make that real life?”

Good thing that shooting “Tenet,” which is a cinematic feast for the eyes, was as uncomfortably close as you can get to real life.

Robert Pattinson: “You just think, ‘Yeah, it would be cool in a movie,’ and then you get to set, and it’s like, ‘Yeah, we’ve got a 747 that we’re going to crash into a building, and that’s how we’re achieving the 747 crashing into the building.'”

In a world of special effects, it really does makes a huge difference here.

Elizabeth Debicki: “To be actually in the thing, to feel the thing physically, move around you or feel the boat rock under you, it just, obviously, organically feeds the truth of a performance.”

Which will not be lost on anyone after six months of quarantine, am I right?

Robert Pattinson: “No one’s doing this stuff, and I don’t think they ever will again.”

Preview showings of “Tenet” on 70 mm are taking place this week at the Museum of Discovery and Science before the film opens nationwide on Thursday.

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