Chris tries to hit the bullseye at Extreme Axe Throwing

Chris is pretty laid back and never has an axe to grind, but he does have an axe to throw. It’s not as easy as it looks, but it’s fun trying! He’s got it in this week’s Keeping Up with Chris.

Most people look at sharp objects and go, “Oh that could hurt somebody.” At Extreme Axe in Downtown Miami, they look at sharp things and go, “I wonder how well I could throw that.”

Chris Van Vliet: “This is a real axe.”

Quincy Bey, co-owner: “Yes, it is.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Like, we could go chop down a tree if we wanted to.”

*Quincy Bey laughs and nods*

Chris Van Vliet: “Instead we’re going to be throwing this. That seems really safe, right?”

Extreme Axe is Miami’s first and only axe throwing facility.

Quincy Bey: “I know we have been taught not to play with sharp objects, but at Extreme Axe, we transcend that. We make it fun.”

That fun starts at $20 an hour per person, and you’re not just throwing axes all willy-nilly. This is a game. It’s kind of like bowling or darts where the highest score after 10 throws, wins.

Chris Van Vliet: “My goal today, for real, is to get one in the bullseye. Just one.”

Quincy Bey: “We can do that.”

And the lesson begins.

Quincy Bey: “So place both hands onto the handle, placing your dominant hand on top.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Why am I so nervous?”

*throws and misses*

If I’m being honest, that’s how it went for a while. A long while.

After all that, I finally had a breakthrough.

Chris Van Vliet: “Alright.”

*throws axe and hits target*

Chris Van Vliet: “OK, OK. Alright! Now it’s time to hit the bullseye.”

That would be easier said than done.

Chris Van Vliet: “I hope you’re focused right on the bullseye, because that’s where I’m going to hit.”


Next time!

*almost hits the bullseye*

Chris Van Vliet: “Ohhh! So close. Ugh.”

I got plenty of tips, I switched up axes and even tried throwing with one hand. And then, this happened!

*throws it and hits bullseye*

Chris Van Vliet: “Ohhh! Wow! That’s it! It doesn’t get anymore down the middle than that. I think we should just leave it there.”

That is such an interesting learning curve because it’s super hard at first and then once it clicks, you’re like a pro.

What should I try next? Email me and let me know,

So on the way out, after we finished filming, I swear I got like five bullseyes in a row. Seriously. But no one will ever see it, because we weren’t rolling. Don’t you hate it when that happens?


Extreme Axe Throwing
540 N Miami Ave 2nd floor
Miami, FL 33136
(786) 708-5811

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