Chris tries rock climbing at Xtreme Rock Climbing Center

He goes to extreme measures to find these adventures every week, and in tonight’s Keeping Up With Chris, he’s going indoors to climb the walls.

Chris Van Vliet: “In case people didn’t know, there’s no elevation in Florida, so in order to climb, you do have to come to a place like this.”

Xtreme Rock Climbing Center is Miami’s Largest indoor rock climbing facility. There’s more than 14,000 square feet of things to climb.

Chris Van Vliet: “So if you’re coming in here with no experience at all, what do you need?”

Angelica Guevara of Extreme Rock Climbing Center: “You just need to have courage. Be brave, try hard.”

The most important thing here is safety — for both the climber and the spotter, better known as the belayer, and while safety is important, apparently so are puns.

Angelica Guevara: “So climbing partnerships are really important, they should be lasting. We want to foster good ‘belationships.'”

Oh and they didn’t stop there!

Angelica Guevara: “We’re starting off on a good foot. Get it?”

While the jokes are good — Chris came here to scale a 40 foot wall!

He was able to get one wall down. But that was probably the easiest one in there. Next, he tried his hand at belaying.

Chris Van Vliet: “This is way harder than the actual climbing … Her life is in my hands. Literally.”

Everything was going pretty well — except … there was some falling.

Chris Van Vliet: “Ohhh! We weren’t even half way there!”

But there was some redemption.

It may not be pretty, but Chris did it!

Chris Van Vliet: “Woo! Oh man! Woo, good job that was tough. Why am I so exhausted?”

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