Chris takes race car for a spin with Sean Wagner Racing Experience

From throwing axes to driving tanks, it’s never easy keeping up with Chris. However, that’s especially true this week. Yep, you can’t keep up with Chris if you can’t catch him. And that’s not gonna be easy because he’s getting behind the wheel of a race car and satisfying his need for speed in this week’s Keeping Up With Chris.

Chris Van Vliet: “I guess the most important question is how fast are we going to be going today?”

Sean Wagner, race car driver: “We were just timed earlier today at about 182 mph.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Oh my God.”

Professional race car driver Sean Wagner knows a thing or two about going fast. He’s been racing since he was 12 years old.

Chris Van Vliet: “I want to read this text you sent me earlier. ‘Eat very light. One guy just got sick because of g-force.'”

Sean Wagner: “It’s the truth.”

On top of just racing cars, Sean lets you get behind the wheel with his Sean Wagner Racing Experience starting at $600.

Sean Wagner: “You’re definitely not going to go like that. We’re going to put you in a fire suit and get you geared up. It’s going to get hot.”

Now that we got the obligatory slow motion walk out of the way, there’s only one thing left to do.

*puts helmet on*

Chris Van Vliet: “I know it’s all about safety and everything, but how good do I look?”

I climb in and strap in!

Chris Van Vliet: “It’s a tight squeeze. I couldn’t move if I wanted to.”

Sean gets in the driver seat and fires up the engine.

Chris Van Vliet: “Alright, here we go!”

It would be a massive understatement to say that I’ve never gone this fast before in my life. And I know you can’t hear me over the engine noise, but I am screaming like crazy.

We got back to the pit and then it was my turn.

Chris Van Vliet: “I think I can do it. What do you think?”

Sean Wagner: “I say go for it, man. You only live once.”

We swapped spots and got a rundown of how to drive this thing.

Chris Van Vliet: “This is by far the most nervous I’ve been before any segment we’ve ever shot.”

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t nervous about the speed or possibly crashing. I was nervous about stalling this very expensive car … you know, like this.

*car revs and Chris stalls it*

Chris Van Vliet: “Please [expletive]. Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!! I’m sorry guys.”

Thankfully, they gave me another chance and off we went!

Chris Van Vliet: “I know you can’t see my mouth right now, but I am smiling so big! Wow!”

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