Chris takes on glass blowing at Hollywood Hot Glass

This week’s Keeping Up with Chris segment kinda blows. It’s true — Chris is trying glass blowing. Deco’s glass-half-full reporter is gonna tell us all about it.

For most of these adventures, I leave with nothing more than the memories, or maybe a few bruises. In the case of flyboarding or that time I tried playing Jai-Alai, I actually left my dignity with them. But here, after taking a glass blowing class at Hollywood Hot Glass, not only did I leave with a new skill, but also a pretty cool glass bowl that I made myself!

At Hollywood Hot Glass in Young Circle, not only do you learn the ancient art of glass blowing starting at $50, but you leave with a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

Brenna Baker, founder and director: “No experience required. It’s safe, fun and easy. Anyone can do it!”

Hey, that’s me! I’m anyone! So what should I make?

Brenna Baker: “That is our ruffle bowl. It’s one of my favorite workshops.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Most importantly, when I make it, will it actually look like this?”

Brenna Baker: “Yes, just like that.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Oh, wow!”

My skilled instructor, Christian Gerena, will take care of the dangerous parts, and I’ll do the rest.

But before we get started…

Christian Gerena, instructor: “Here you go. Here’s some glasses.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Oh, safety.”

Christian Gerena: “Safety first.”

Christian Gerena: “Now I’m going to go in and scoop up your clear glass.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Oh, there it is!”

It’s so hot that it’s moldable like Play-Doh. We add in the colors, and then it’s back to the oven.

Chris Van Vliet: “Now how hot is it in there?”

Christian Gerena: “2,300 degrees.”

With a little tooling, we’re starting to make some progress.

Chris Van Vliet:: “Look at the colors now!”

Christian Gerena: “Now you’re going to squeeze and release really quickly.”

We add some more glass, and then it’s time to start the actual glass blowing.

Christian Gerena: “Blow harder, and stop.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Don’t inhale, right?”

Christian Gerena: “Do not inhale.”

Back into the oven, and one more time…

*Chris blows the glass*

Christian Gerena: “And stop.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Wow! Oh, look it at! Look at it ballooning out! This is getting exciting! Look at our beautiful colors.”

It’s getting there.

Just a little more shaping…

*Glass catches fire*

Chris Van Vliet: “Is that OK? It’s on fire!”

Christian Gerena: “That’s perfectly all right.”

Christian Gerena: “Spread the tool slightly. Drop your angle.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Oh, it’s opening up.”

Now for the final step, and easily the most fun part…

Chris Van Vliet: “That’s a bowl! Ohhh! What?!

Christian Gerena: “Spin super fast.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Whoa, look at this! It’s a bowl!”

*Chris spins the glass*

Christian Gerena: “And stop.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Look at this!”

It’s still incredibly hot, so it has to be put away to cool for eight hours.

Chris Van Vliet: “OK, bye!”

*Time passes*

Chris Van Vliet: “And here it is, the moment of truth. It’s done. Look at it. Yeah, I can’t believe I made this either!”

That turned out surprisingly good!

Let me tell you, that bowl is prominently displayed in my house, so next time you come over, I’d be happy to give you an apple or a banana or an orange or even an avocado from it.

So what’s next? Shoot me an email at


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