Do you know who loves the water? Chris — but he’s not swimming in it. He’s biking on it! He’s here with the sweet ride.

Last week for Keeping Up with Chris, I went mountain biking, and we all saw how that turned out. (If you didn’t, look it up. I crashed.) This week, I’m biking SoFlo style: on the water.

Chris Van Vliet: “So this looks like an exercise bike with some pontoons on the side. Is that about right?”

Matt Brown, Blue Ocean Water Bikes: “Yes, absolutely. It’s kind of in between a paddleboard and a kayak.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Very important question here. How sturdy are these things once we’re out on the water?”

Matt Brown: “Very sturdy. You won’t flip over, of course. You don’t want to go in 10-foot-high tides.”

And it’s a heck of a workout, because the pedals are connected to a propeller.

Matt Brown: “Just like a regular bicycle, you’re able to just pedal right along and steer, no experience necessary.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Oh, this is rock solid.”

Matt Brown: “Pedal slow as you come out.”

Chris Van Vliet: “That’s it, I’m doing it. It’s so easy.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Yes, I noticed there’s no brakes.”

Matt Brown: “Yeah, you just pedal backwards.

Chris Van Vliet: Just pedal backwards. Let’s rock and roll!”

Water bike rentals are $35 an hour and are only available on weekends right now.

Chris Van Vliet: “I was totally prepared to fall in, but I actually think it’s impossible to fall in on this thing. Impossible! I don’t know what happened there.”

Chris Van Vliet: “If you did this on a bike (flails arms around), you’re gonna fall off. Do this on a water bike, we’re fine.”

Chris Van Vliet: “This is awesome!”

Matt Brown: “What do you say we race?”

Chris Van Vliet: “Hold on. Winner gets the water bike.” (laughs)

Matt Brown: “We’ll think about that.”

Chris Van Vliet: “On your mark, get set, go!”

Chris Van Vliet: “Oh, we got some speed! Yeah! Yeahhhh! Wooo!” (laughs)

Chris Van Vliet: “This was great. Thank you, Matt!”

Matt Brown: “No, thank you.”

That might have been one of the most surprising adventures we’ve been on. I thought that would be so much harder than it was.

All right, I want you to tell me what to do next, and let’s make it extreme! Email me at .

And even though I won that race — by a lot, I might add — I left without the water bike. Apparently both parties need to agree on it for to be a legit bet.

Blue Ocean Water Bikes
(305) 763-2680

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