For Chris Hemsworth, work in war movie ’12 Strong’ is a family affair

“12 Strong” is a war movie, but it’s also a legit family affair. Chris Hemsworth’s wife is starring alongside her hubby in the new movie — and her role isn’t much of a stretch. Deco’s family therapist Chris Van Vliet is here to explain.

Elsa Pataky says this is a role she’s been rehearsing for seven years. That’s how long she and Chris have been married. Now they’re playing a couple in “12 Strong.”

Mr. and Mrs. Thor told Deco about the movie — and what it was like working together.

Chris Hemsworth is among the first boots — and hooves — on the ground in Afghanistan after 9/11. “12 Strong” tells the true story of 12 soldiers who rode into the Middle East to fight the Taliban.

Chris Hemsworth (as Capt. Mitch Nelson): “All right, who’s ridden before? Anyone?”

We’re all familiar with war movies, but Chris says “12 Strong” is unlike any other.

Chris Hemsworth: “To have modern warfare and weaponry and armor on horseback, I think, is visually pretty stunning and unique.”

He plays the group of soldiers’ fictional captain — a character inspired by a real-life hero.

Chris Hemsworth: “There was some sort of subconscious sense of duty, I suppose, especially when 9/11 happened, that he thought, ‘That could have been any of us in those buildings, on that plane. That could’ve been my kid, my wife, my family.'”

Speaking of his wife…

Elsa Pataky (as Capt. Mitch Nelson’s wife): “Then say you’re coming home.”

Chris Hemsworth (as Capt. Mitch Nelson): “I can’t, baby. It’s bad luck.”

Chris’ actual wife, Elsa Pataky, plays his wife in the movie.

Elsa tells us that didn’t automatically mean it was an easy role.

Elsa Pataky: “It’s always a challenge, because you don’t know if it’s going to be great or not when you’re working with your husband. But at the same time, we know each other, we’re both hard workers, and it was actually fun.”

She just didn’t realize how much of a hard worker he is until working with him on set.

Elsa Pataky: “Every scene I was just kind of looking at him to see his approval or not. He’d be like ‘ehh…’ and I’d be like, ‘OK, let’s do it again!'”

Chris Hemsworth — A-list movie star and brutally honest critic.

“12 Strong” rides into theaters this weekend.

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