Chris goes on a wet and wild adventure inside the Seabreacher

Living in Miami is a wild ride full of ups and down, and that’s just the way we like it! That’s the way Chris Van Vliet likes it too, right, Chris?

You may have heard of a Seabreacher or seen videos online of one of these beasts, but let me tell you, nothing is quite like riding in one. It’s kinda like a roller coaster — if a roller coaster could go underwater and then immediately jump out of it.

Chris Van Vliet: “So how exactly do you describe this to people?”

Kim Barber: “We describe this as a boat meets a fighter jet meets a submarine.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Whoa.”

It’s called a Seabreacher.

Chris Van Vliet: “And it goes very fast.”

Kim Barber: “Sixty miles an hour on top of the water, and 25 miles an hour underneath.”

Not only does it dive under the water; it also has the power to jump clear out of it!

This is no ordinary shark. It’s 17 feet long, weighs more than 1,400 pounds and has a 230 horsepower supercharged engine.

Chris Van Vliet: “So you’re going to be the one who is taking me out on this ride today.”

Brandon Landis, Seabreacher pilot: “Yes, sir.”

Chris Van Vliet: “What do I need to know?”

Brandon Landis: “Hold on. Don’t puke on me.”

Chris Van Vliet: “OK, so I can puke elsewhere.”

Brandon Landis: “Yeah, just puke towards the floor.”

We get loaded up.

Chris Van Vliet: “Oh, it’s a tight squeeze.”

After loading in, we then head out for deeper water, where the fun can begin.

*Chris gets inside the Seabreacher*

Chris Van Vliet: “OK! It’s about to get crazy!”

*Chris rides in the Seabreacher*

Chris Van Vliet: “We are under the water!”

*Chris keeps riding in the Seabreacher*

Chris Van Vliet: “So fast! Yeah! Woo!”

After 15 minutes of diving, flying and rolling through the water, our thrill ride finally ends.

Chris Van Vliet: “Oh, my God. It may look like I’m wet right now. This is actually all just pee.”

*Chris takes a deep breath*

Chris Van Vliet: “I’m just trying to catch my breath here. That was insane! Wow!”

There is nothing quite like that rush.

With the Seabreacher, you know you’re in a cool ride when all of the multi-million dollar yachts have their phones out and they’re taking photos of you.

So what’s next? You’ve been sending me some great ideas, so keep ’em coming! .

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