Choose from ready-made foods with these SoFlo cart services

Food trucks are big in South Florida, but we found some grub that comes on a smaller set of wheels. Instead of ordering items off a menu — now the menu items come to you.

The food is on the move at Amara at Paraiso.

Michael Paley, chef: “Amara at Paraiso is a bayfront restaurant right on Biscayne Bay. We cook American food influenced by Latin America.”

This Miami spot serves up Sunday brunch faves like eggs and empanadas — but they’ve also got carts filled with savory and sweet tapas.

Michael Paley: “We have an a la carte menu that has some great brunch dishes, but what we do that sets us apart is, we do a cart service with small plates, almost like a dim sum style. There are carts that roam around the room.”

The cart items cost between $3 and $10, and the selections change all the time.

Michael Paley: “There is a card on each table. The card has all the prices on it, so as you choose something, the server will pick it up and put a mark in the column. And when it comes around to settle up, they will grab that and add it to the bill that way.”

From the grilled rib eye and chorizo, which comes to your table sizzling, to the pastelitos and churros, the portions are perfect.

Carla Roeder, customer: “The food is delicious. They have a good variety of food, and the view is gorgeous.”

Michael Paley: “I think it’s fun for the guest and something that will bring people in week after week.”

In Fort Lauderdale, the cart at Terra Mare is wheeling around a sweet treat.

Johan Svensson, chef: “The unique thing we are doing at Terra Mare tableside is our sundae cart.”

The sundae cart brings out a bowl filled with your favorite flavors of ice cream, and the toppings, which you get to pick at your table.

Johan Svensson: “We created a table side cart that we can roll out. It has fun toppings like brownies, Swedish Fish, marshmallows.”

Don’t forget about the meringue, whipped cream or hot fudge.

You can put on as much or as little of it all.

Johan Svensson: “We can put whatever you want. If you want just Swedish Fish, or just brownies, we can do that for you.”

Oleg Lavrinenko, customer: “Having the variety to choose everything, to me, makes you feel like you are at home.”

The sundae cart at Terra Mare is available during dinner service and costs $14 a person.

Johan Svensson: “If our guests can feel like a child again, an adult can feel like a child again and choose the topping on their sundae. I think we have succeeded to complete the whole dinner.”


Amara at Paraiso
3101 NE 7th Ave.
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 702-5528

Terra Mare
551 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(954) 414-5160

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