Chloe Coleman starring in new action-comedy ‘My Spy’ alongside Dave Bautista

(WSVN) - A highly-skilled CIA tough guy has met his match: a 9-year-old girl with a smartphone!

Dave Bautista and Chloe Coleman star in the new action-comedy, “My Spy.”

Chloe gave Deco top secret details about the flick.

Chloe Coleman as Sofia in “My Spy”: “Are you CIA?”

Dave Bautista as JJ in “My Spy”: “How’d you get in here?!”

Their cover’s been blown, by a 9-year-old.

Dave Bautista doesn’t know it yet, but a little girl, played by Chloe Coleman, is about to be his new sidekick.

Chloe Coleman as Sofia in “My Spy”: “I want you to teach me to be a spy.”

Dave Bautista as JJ in “My Spy”‘: “Just to be clear, this is a one-time arrangement.”

“My Spy” is about the adorable and accidental bond that grows between a grumpy CIA agent and a precocious kid looking for a father figure.

Chloe told Deco she and Dave are as thick as thieves in real life, too.

Chloe Coleman: “Now we’re lifelong buddies, and I’m just so happy to have him as a friend. He truly is an amazing actor and person. I mean, acting with him is not acting. It’s just telling a story with him the entire time.”

But it did take a long time for the story to actually get told.

The movie’s been delayed multiple times, and has finally landed on Amazon Prime Video.

Even Dave can’t believe it’s out.

Chloe Coleman: “June 26th!”

Dave Bautista: “Ha-ha, very funny.”

Chloe Coleman: “I’m serious! They just called!

Dave Bautista: “I don’t believe you. The billboard’s been up so long it’s starting to peel off.”

While it kind of looks like a kids movie, “My Spy” is PG-13.

Dave Bautista as JJ in “My Spy”: “What do you do for a living?”

Chloe Coleman as Sofia in “My Spy”: “I’m a KGB agent posing as fourth grader. My brother has three legs and sells crack and my mother is a prostitute.”

Chloe Coleman: “I personally think that people are gonna enjoy it. All families, all ages. It’s made for everybody.”

Chloe even got to curse!

Chloe Coleman: “We all just thought they weren’t going to use it, of course not! Then they ended up using it! I was like, ‘Oh, my, they really used it. I’m going to be in so much trouble.'”

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