Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream now serves vegan base options

When you’re vegan, options can be limited, especially when it comes to ice cream, but everyone deserves ice cream! And that’s why I’m running for president! And one hot spot in Coconut Grove is so cool for vegans, it’s actually ice cold!

On Main Highway in Coconut Grove, dessert and a show!

David Leonardo, Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream: “The nitrogen is what allows us to freeze that cream and turn it into ice cream.”

And, a break from the heat!

David Leonardo: “It’s basically negative 320 degrees.”

But, breaking news: Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream is now serving vegan base options!

David Leonardo: “Coconut milk, almond milk, we’ve introduced oat milk.”

And if you think this whole nitrogen thing is a gimmick, that cream is farm-to-cup in just 10 days, plus…

David Leonardo: “Because the nitrogen is so cold, it actually creates a creamier finish.”

They make it easy on the non-dairy folks too!

David Leonardo: “There’s a green leaf for vegan, and then there’s a GF sign for gluten-free, so you can literally make your entire ice cream any one of those options.”

Challenge accepted!

Alex Miranda: “Now, I’m not vegan, but let’s go all in. Let’s do coconut milk.”

Next, a flavor.

Alex Miranda: “Even though what I really want to order is the Knaus Berry Farm cinnamon roll, I’m sticking to vegan, guys. I’m sticking to vegan, so I’m going to pick the strawberry.”

That’s real strawberries, y’all. Then, toppings!

Alex Miranda: “OK, so what you’re telling me is that gummy bears are not vegan?”

Alexa, employee: “Correct.”

Alex Miranda: “OK, this is going to be a half vegan desert.”

Let’s call it the Deco Drive remix with every candy on the menu…

Alex Miranda: “… And Fruity Pebbles.”

Pour it all in this bowl, and press start!

Alex Miranda: “Alexa, what’s going on?! Is this what’s supposed to happen?”

Alexa: “The ice cream is freezing right here. It should be almost done soon.”

It’ll make you feel like a mad scientist.

Alex Miranda: “It’s alive! It’s alive!”

OK, I needa chill. Good thing this tasty treat is ready in just 45 seconds. A big ol’ scoop, and then…

Alex Miranda: “Oh, my God, this is really, really good! Ugh!”

I’m having a moment.

Alex Miranda: “Oh, my goodness. I’m in love.”

Barbara Teixeira: “I ordered the butter pecan, and then, put on whipped cream and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I love it. It’s my new favorite ice cream place for sure.”

Consensus is out.

Alex Miranda: “This is great.”


Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream
3415 Main Highway
Miami, FL 33133

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