You win some, you dim sum.

There’s a new spot at Brickell City Center that’s more than just your typical restaurant.

In fact, you could say there’s something there for everyone. Sort of like a perfect balance.

Deco’s getting centered and taking you inside Ch’i.

Cheer up, SoFlo! Ch’i is serving up something special in Brickell.

Tony Guerra: “Ch’i is a celebration of life. It means life, it means energy.”

And in this case, Ch’i also means a trendy new hotspot where there’s more than meets the eye, because it’s not just a restaurant.

Tony Guerra: “What we’re trying to do is, you know, have a room that captures a little magic and a little something for everybody. Here at Ch’i we have four different environments. We have the garden, the mercado, the lounge, and the dining room.”

Before we talk about the vibe, let’s talk about the food.

Eddie Acevedo: “Ch’i is a Chino-Latino concept. The inpsiration is by Chef Rafael Perez, and it basically takes inspiration from by traditional and modern Chinese cuisine, as well as Hispanic cuisine.”

This place has two menus: Upscale and fast casual.

At the mercado, you’ll find things like fried chicken sandwiches and the lomo saltado bao buns. And over in the dining room, there’s fois gras spring rolls and peking duck!

Eddie Acevedo: “Peking duck is made in a traditional Chinese fashion with a little bit of crispy skin, and for the Latin twist, we add some tortillas to it.”

Ready to kick back and relax? Head to the lounge for some drinks!

Getting there is half the fun.

Tony Guerra: “Our exclusive secret lounge that we have is really unique. You have to actually go through the Mercado.”

Make your way to the wooden door in the back and boom, you’re now in a swanky space filled with Chinese lanterns, colorful artwork, and a bar serving up fun drinks like the ojo morado.

Eddie Acevedo: “It’s made with bourbon and a sweet purple potato syrup.”

Tamia Moya-Mantilla, customer: “I loved the ambiance, I love the environment, the lanterns. I loved the bar. It’s just a very welcoming experience.”

Ready to take this party outdoors?

Make a pit-stop at the mercado to get your game on, then head out back to the garden, where the DJ’s spinning some tunes.

The garden also has cabanas, so you and your friends can get away from the crowd and just hang out together.

Tamia Moya-Mantilla: “I love it. I had so much fun here, and I really enjoyed my time.”

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