Chefs square off in annual SoBe WFF Burger Bash competition

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - The South Beach Wine & Food Festival is in full swing, and one of its biggest events takes place on the beach.

The festival’s annual burger bash took place Friday night.

“You have live music, the food, the drink. We’re just here to have a good time,” said attendee Patrice Berry.

Chefs could be seen working overtime prepping and chopping up their creations from the kitchen to the sand on South Beach.

“We’re exactly where we are supposed to be. We know how to adapt. We’re ready to go,” said Chef Benjamin Goldman.

For almost 20 years, the five-day, star-studded festival is filled with celebrities and delicious food and drinks for all who attend.

“Just getting to try a lot of different food that maybe you wouldn’t try from all over the country,” said Chef Grace Johnston.

From beef, to lamb and veggie, there’s a burger for all shapes and sizes.

“You have Angus. You have steak. All types of beef. All different cuts,” said Chef Lukus Gipson.

“I love juiciness. I love flavor. Savory, sweet, all in one,” said Goldman.

Plus chefs from all around the world will have their chance to showcase and serve up their signature patties.

“When you come here, you have people from New York, people from L.A., Colorado, all over the place, and so it’s really an opportunity to shine,” said Chef Michelle Sanchez.

As the festival takes on its 18th consecutive year, event goers said there’s no better place to pig out than to do it on South Beach.

“There’s a lot of burgers that I never thought existed,” said attendee Wilmer Reyem. “Food, drinks and everyone coming along, I mean what more can you ask for?”

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