Chef Michelle Bernstein reveals menu for Pitbull’s VIP Food and Wine Party

While people will be shivering in Times Square, we can celebrate in shorts and T-shirts, because that’s what we do in South Florida. Pitbull has cooked up something special for his New Year’s Eve Revolution, and it’s promising to give you the best bang for your buck.

Pitbull is getting ready to host his New Year’s fiesta right here in the 305 for all the world to see, but this year, there’s some VIP treatment being served.

Chef Michelle Bernstein: “If you want to buy a ticket to the VIP experience, it’s all the food and drink, but not just food and drink — it’s great food and drink.”

For a few hundred bucks, you can be part of Pitbull’s VIP Food and Wine Party and feast on up to 20 food stations catered by Miami’s own Michelle Bernstein.

Chef Michelle Bernstein: “I tried to come up with foods that I thought would be great for people walking around, having cocktails, wanting to party. There’s all kinds of stuff. It’s a little bit of everything for every palate.”

She’s cooking up some dishes with a little Latin flair, and she’s giving us a taste.

Chef Michelle Bernstein: “Guava baby back ribs, vuelve a la vida shrimp cocktail with avocados and all kinds of crispy bits underneath it.”

That’s not all.

Chef Michelle Bernstein: “I thought a little naughtiness was good, so it is the end of the year. I’ve got a manchego fondue going over some spicy fries. A little bit of grated manchego on the top. There’s an array.”

The VIP experience will also fill your sweet tooth throughout the evening.

And it has a full bar, with drinks made by famed mixologist Julio Cabrera. He is giving traditional cocktails like the French 75 a twist.

Julio Cabrera: “It’s a signature drink for celebrations, Christmas, New Year’s Eve. Raspberry 75 is a cocktail with raspberries, lemon juice, simple syrup and Voli vodka.”

And he’s making his famous old-fashioned that will have you “cheers-ing” away when the clock strikes midnight.

All of it making for an experience that will have never wanting to stop partying.

Chef Michelle Bernstein: “By the way, if you’re in the VIP, you can also have probably the best seats in the house to watch the concert and the show.”

You can catch Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution at 11 p.m. Saturday, right here on 7.


Pitbull’s VIP Food and Wine Party

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