Check out the best rum in Miami at Miami Club Rum

Miami is known for a lot of things: great beaches, great food and now, great rum. Miami Club Rum is made right here in Miami and embodies everything Miami is about. And hey, it doesn’t hurt that one of the owners is Latin superstar William Levy.

William Levy was a huge hit at the Celebrity All-Star game in Miami, last week.

William Levy: “I’m always trying to tell my son how to swing the bat and he’s like ‘Dad, come on, you never played baseball!’ I’m like ‘Listen, I played baseball all my life.”

And he’s hit it out of the park again with Miami Club Rum.

William Levy: “It really captures the lifestyle of Miami, the spirit of Miami, what we are. It’s a drink that makes me want to relax with, it makes me want to go out with, it’s a drink that I really enjoy in every way.”

William liked Miami Club Rum and what it stands for so much that he became a part owner. And Miami’s in the name, because this is where it’s made.

Matt Malone: “We’re the first distilled spirit legally produced in the City of Miami.”

And it’s produced with all local ingredients –so it’s infused with flavor, and it may be the only rum infused with music.

Matt Malone: “We play music to the rum 24/7 when it’s aging.”

Chris Van Vliet: “And what does that do? I’ve never heard of anything like that.”

Matt Malone: “We play Salsa, Samba, Merengue, we believe that energy is in the music so we only play positive, really great music to the rum.”

While that sounds fun, there’s actually some science to it.

Matt Malone: “The vibration from the music actually vibrates the oak barrells that it’s in and it releases a richer, deeper flavor.”

And apparently it works!

William Levy: “Every time I decied to be part of something, I want to give my audience and people out there in the world the best, and so far this is the best white rum in the world, man.”


Miami Club Rum
6468 Northwest 77th Court
Miami, FL 33166
(844) 642-2582

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