Charcoal Garden Bar + Grill at Wynwood Yard

If you’re hungry for a really different night out — then your ship has come in, and this new hot spot used to be on that ship. Deco’s taking you there and finding out why this freight was worth the wait.

Charcoal restaurant, the new eatery in Wynwood Yard, didn’t always look like this.

It started out like this — coming into the Port of Miami on a container ship.

Chef Ken Lyon, Charcoal restaurant: “We decided to source to build the entire restaurant out of shipping containers. We have six containers to make up four buildings.”

We know what you’re thinking — they don’t look like shipping containers. That is precisely the point.

Chef Ken Lyon: “They all have a slightly different look. The bar has a paint inside that makes it very warm and cozy. And we have a double building for a dining room. We call that the conservatory. It’s full of windows.”

You can also chow down on the Porch, which is open-ended on both sides.

The containers — sorry, buildings — are situated according to a master plan.

Chef Ken Lyon: “By placing these in a certain way around, we’ve created the outdoor dining space.”

Where you’re eating is nice. What you’re eating is important. The two-container, fully furnished kitchen uses a method of cooking that gives the place its name.

Chef Ken Lyon: “Our only source of cooking is on charcoal. We have two Josper grills from Spain. These are built like an oven but they’re burning charcoal and they have a great like a grill, sort of a hybrid between an oven and a grill.”

Familiar dishes — chicken, steak — are grilled to perfection. Then it’s your turn to bump your meal up a notch.

Chef Ken Lyon: “We’re really cooking very simply and we’re letting people choose up to 18 different sauces to season the food with, so we’re not putting the emphasis on a specific cuisine.”

Charcoal is the only sit-down restaurant in Wynwood Yard.

Regulars think that’s a very good thing, indeed.

James, customer: “Everything else is a little more casual, so this adds a little bit more of a official dinner atmosphere.”


Charcoal Garden Bar + Grill
82 NW 29th St.
Miami, FL 33127
(786) 646-2998

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