These days, it’s harder for artists to come up with original yet eye-appealing concepts, especially ones that audiences can enjoy. But now one woman has started a new artistic trend in SoFlo, and Deco’s art connoisseur Chris Van Vliet has the story.

The biggest difference with Cynthia Fleischmann’s art is the canvas. That’s because the canvas is you — well, not you, you, but the human body.

It’s all about the naked truth for Coconut Grove artist Cynthia Fleischmann. Forget painting on a canvas; Cynthia goes way deeper than that.

Cynthia Fleischmann: “I’m an artist and I focus on body paintography.”

Cynthia creates human chameleons by painting a naked person so they blend into their environment.

But why naked?

Cynthia Fleischmann: “For me it’s a beautiful dialogue between a person and a place. The message that I’d like to express is body acceptance, to see the naked body as a work of art, as a beautiful form we all have in common.”

The artist recently showcased her naked work of art at Vizcaya Gardens as part of their Gardens By Moonlight event.

Rebecca Peterson, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens: “Cynthia does this amazing work that seems a little unexpected, this idea of blending in bodies into their natural environment. Even though it seems unexpected, it’s a perfect fit here at Vizcaya.”

Cynthia Fleischmann: “And it was really wonderful for Vizcaya to realize that and approve of this art happening, because I think it was really a beautiful step to body acceptance.”

She hopes to end the sexual stigmas and taboos about the human body with her body painting.

Cynthia Fleischmann: “Hopefully, with a layer of paint, you take away the sexual, and you just focus on the form and on the artistic aspect of the body.”

Her models also have a signature mark. Their hands are always painted red.

Cynthia Fleischmann: “For me it’s a very powerful symbol. It’s the color of passion and love and hatred and destruction, and we are so able to create beautiful things, but also destroy so much.”

Wow, you could barely even see the models in some of those photos! It takes Cynthia between an hour to two and half hours to paint the bodies. If you want to see her work up close, her Coconut Grove gallery is open seven days a week.

Cynthia Fleischmann

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