Champagne brunch at Nobu

Not all champagne is created equal, which means not all champagne brunches are created equal. But one restaurant is serving up A-list bubbly, and of course, it comes with an A-list price.

Before the beginning of a new long week, you need a fancy pick-me-up.

Bryan Toshi Shinohara, Nobu: “I think it’s as luxurious as you can get for brunch.”

Enter Nobu at the Eden Roc in Miami Beach.

Bryan Toshi Shinohara: “What we’re known for serving here at Nobu is traditional Japanese food influenced with South American flavors.”

For a small fee of $275 per person, they’re letting you taste heaven for Sunday brunch, or in this case, a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée.

Bryan Toshi Shinohara: “Krug package is probably the premiere and most luxurious offering that we have as far as brunch goes.”

Corbie Gregory: “Wow. The champagne enhances this entire experience and food. It’s amazing.”

For the nosh, they’ll roll up some yummies right to your table.

Bryan Toshi Shinohara: “What we’re offering is a cart, which is just a trolley that gets brought around the room with a number of rotating selection of items created by our chef.”

What’s on the carts changes every weekend.

Bryan Toshi Shinohara: “You could have things like Kobe beef dumplings, salt and pepper shrimp, roasted vegetables, roasted cauliflower…”

But one thing won’t change.

Customer 1: “The food is amazing.”

Jad Marouche: “From the pork belly to the gyoza and some vegetable, the Brussels sprouts are nice and crispy. Everything is very good.”

With the Krug package, you’ll also get some extra goodies.

Bryan Toshi Shinohara: “That comes with an additional imported A-5 Wagyu beef course that’s perfectly seared to medium rare. It comes out on a sizzling hot stone and flambéed with Courvoisier at your table.”

Customer 2: “It does melt in your mouth, the best meat you’ll ever have in your life.”

And that’s not all.

Bryan Toshi Shinohara: “Right now, we’re featuring a dish called ‘Egg Egg Egg.’ Essentially, it’s seasonal mushrooms roasted in the brick oven with an egg sauce, topped with two eggs sunny side up and finished with Russian Golden Osetra caviar.”

Caviar, sushi and champagne? Sounds like the perfect Sunday.

Nobu at the Eden Roc
4525 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(305) 531-0000

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