You’re probably used to sipping champagne from a proper champagne glass, or a flute, as they are called. But if you’re a fan of the bubbly, there’s a new way to drink with distinction — with The Chambong.

This is how we’re used to seeing champagne served, poured delicately into a glass.

But now there’s a new way.

Jamie DeRosa: “It’s about 8 ounces. It’s one solid piece of glass.”

The Chambong is billed as a champagne delivery system … to put a full glass of champagne into your belly.

Izzy’s Fish & Oyster on South Beach offers the bong at their Monday brunch, which means bye bye Monday blues.

Jamie DeRosa: “If you worked over the weekend, or if you weren’t able to do brunch, or if you’re going golfing with dad, if you’re at the beach with kids and you don’t have time to do that over the weekend, we offer brunch Mondays as well.”

The brunch features all kinds of brunchy favorites — like French toast, huevos rancheros and even lobster rolls — but the buzz is all about the bong.

Jamie DeRosa: “Put the champ in this end, keep the top tilted, and when you’re ready to take the shot, tilt back nice and smooth.”

The Chambong was invented by a group of friends fed up with the hassle of drinking champagne from a glass. After a few prototypes, the Chambong was born.

Customer 1: “I’m actually not a champagne drinker, but that was perfect. Right to the point.”

Customer 2: “It’s interesting … fun.”

Customer 1: “I would be hanging out at the club if they had this. Maybe put a chain, have it just have a Chambong chain.”

It might even bring back some memories.

Customer 3: “We’ve chugged a couple things in our days.”

Suddenly, a case of the Mondays doesn’t sound so bad.

Jamie DeRosa: “It keeps it communal; people have fun with it. We have the bottomless rosé option. It’s pretty cool to get a bottle of rosé and be able to share the Chambong between people.”


Izzy’s Fish and Oyster


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