We have all types of wineries and breweries in Florida. Now there is a spot that’s bringing a taste of Europe’s finest booze to the Sunshine State.

Raise a shot glass to ChainBridge Distillery in Oakland Park.

Bela Nahori, co-owner: “ChainBridge Distillery is a craft distillery with a focus on fruit brandy.”

The recipe for fruit brandy goes back for centuries, and now it found a way to South Florida.

Bela Nahori: “This is a European-style brandy. It’s also called ‘eau de vie.’ It’s made out of fruits and always clear. It’s a traditional drink in Hungary.”

The folks at ChainBridge hand-select, cut and mash fruits like apples, blueberries and plums to make their signature spirits.

Bela Nahori: “The brandy people are usually used to is colored. The color is coming from the barrel. It’s usually distilled from grapes, and it’s aged for two years.”

But here, they don’t age brandy in barrels. They use stainless steel tanks, and that leaves their brandy clear.

Bela Nahori: “Our brandy is not artificially flavored, so all the flavor that you feel or taste comes from the fermentation of the distillation process.”

Since they only use produce that’s in season, ChainBridge is making vodka out of local sugarcane, and they’re also working with veggies, too.

Bela Nahori: “We are experimenting with vegetables, so we are also going to do a beet spirit.”

Stephanie Casariego, customer: “Today was the first time I tried a brandy with vegetable, and I really loved it. It tasted like beets. It had the taste, but it wasn’t too strong. It actually came out to be a very smooth brandy.”

ChainBridge even offers a distillery tour. For $10, you’ll go behind the scenes and taste some of the good stuff!

Bela Nahori: “People can come tour our facility, taste our product and learn about making fruit brandy, and if they like it, they can purchase by the bottle.”

The ChainBridge Distillery is the only place you can buy their lines.

Their vodka is about $20, and the brandy is about $30.


ChainBridge Distillery
3500 NE 11th Ave.
Oakland Park, FL 33334

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