Here at Deco, we’re always on the hunt for a new restaurant or spot to grab a drink. Thank you, “beery” much — and this time we’ve found a spot that’s all that and more. Deco’s checking out a place with tons of history that’s sure to hop to the top of your list.

Don’t worry, be hoppy!

Cuba’s oldest brewery, Cervecería La Tropical, is now calling Miami home.

Manny Portuondo, Cervecería La Tropical: “I thought to myself, ‘How could something with over 135 years of heritage just vanish?’ And I made it my passion project in life to bring it back to life and bring it back in a big way.”

This new hotspot is honoring its roots while also totally embracing its SoFlo vibes.

Manny Portuondo: “A brand with a Cuban soul but a Miami lifestyle — of sun, fun, and rhythm — and hopefully, we’re successful here.”

The place has it all. It’s a restaurant, brewery, tap room and garden — all in one.

Manny Portuondo: “When you come in to La Tropical, you’re first engulfed by Jardines La Tropical, which is a tropical, botanical garden in the middle of the city.”

Sure, the views are nice, but let’s talk about the brews, ’cause this place makes their own beer, right on site.

Manny Portuondo: “Our flagship beer is La Tropical La Original, a Vienna style amber lager whose recipe dates back to 1888. And then for those craft aficionados, we brewed a tropical double IPA that has about 9.4% alcohol that we’re calling Gasolina.”

You can fill up with more than the beer. La Tropical is also cooking up something special to highlight its roots.

Cindy Hutson, chef, Cervecería La Tropical: “My menu is gonna be tapas, Caribbean, Cuban inspired. There’s lots of choices, for all kinds of dinners.”

There are Cuban staples like croquetas and frita burgers, but if you really wanna drink your beer and eat it, too, go with the steamed mussels.

Cindy Hutson: “Mussels with a beautiful artisan chorizo.”

Remember how we said beer? There’s plenty in the sauce, and that’s sure to make everyone a hoppy camper.

Diandra Lamas, diner: “A lot of times when you go to a brewery, you’re going to a brewery, and then you have to go to dinner, or you’re going to dinner and then you’re gonna go to a brewery, but here you can get amazing food and awesome beer as well.”

Cervecería La Tropical
42 NE 25th St.
Miami, FL 33137

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