‘Central Intelligence’ – Dwayne and Kevin side by side

It’s a toss-up between The Rock and Kevin Hart for who truly is the busiest guy in Hollywood. We managed to get both of them, together, to find some time in their busy schedules to chat with us about their new movie “Central Intelligence.”

You knew Kevin Hart was small and The Rock was huge, but take a look at the size difference between them when they’re side by side in our interview.

Dwayne Johnson (as Bob Stone): “Spoiler alert: I’m in the CIA.”

Kevin Hart (as Calvin Joyner): “Are you joking with me right now?”

Geez, thanks for spoiling the whole movie for us, Rock!

Dwayne Johnson (as Bob Stone): “Take my gun. We may need to kill some people.”

Kevin Hart (as Calvin Joyner): “I will do no such thing.”

Dwayne Johnson (as Bob Stone): “I think you’ll like it.”

Kevin Hart (as Calvin Joyner): “I will not!

Dwayne Johnson plays Bob. He’s a CIA agent now, but in high school, he didn’t exactly fit in.

Twenty years later, he reconnects with Kevin Hart’s character, Calvin, who was his only friend.

Dwayne Johnson (as Bob Stone): “You were the coolest kid in high school!” (cheers)

Chris Van Vliet: “Kevin, your character in the film is most likely to succeed in high school. If we go back to high school, what are you guys most likely to do?”

Kevin Hart: “I was class clown.”

Chris Van Vliet: “So then what are you most likely to be?”

Kevin Hart: “As a class clown, nobody has any expectations. (laughs) They expect you to do exactly what you did in high school: barely get by and make people laugh.”

Dwayne Johnson: “I was generally on the jock side. I mean, my intellect was extremely high. (laughs)

Dwayne Johnson: “This is Deco Drive, a show down in South Florida.”

Kevin Hart: “I’m very familiar with Deco Drive.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Deco Drive loves you.”

Dwayne Johnson: “This is my show, my hometown. We’re, uh, we’re totes (hand gesture) Deco!”

Dwayne Johnson (as Bob Stone): “Now that you’re in…”

Kevin Hart (as Calvin Joyner): “I’m not in.”

Dwayne Johnson (as Bob Stone): “I know, but they think you’re in.”

Kevin Hart (as Calvin Joyner): “But I’m not.”

Dwayne Johnson (as Bob Stone): “Probably one of those perception versus reality things happening right now.”

Kevin Hart (as Calvin Joyner): “I am out!”

Bob is on a mission to catch the guy who hacked into the U.S. spy satellite system — and he can’t do it alone.

Dwayne Johnson (as Bob Stone): “I need your super sweet accounting skills to help me figure out the last piece of this puzzle. You’re like a chocolate Google. Beep, boop, boop!”

Kevin Hart (as Calvin Joyner): “Bob, don’t do that. Stop it.”

The chemistry between Dwayne and Kevin is obvious from the first scene. Their comedic timing is incredible.

Kevin Hart (as Calvin Joyner): “This is like a total transformation. You used to be fat Robbie.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Rock, the transformation that Bob goes through is huge. But if we go back 20 years, we have Rocky Maivia. He has what you would describe to me as pineapple hair. How did you make that transformation?”

Dwayne Johnson: “You don’t have to say that in front of him like that.”

Chris Van Vliet: “That’s right, look it up. ‘Survivor Series 1996.'”

Dwayne Johnson: “I finally went to a barber, started going to a good barber.”

Chris Van Vliet: “So how did you go from Rocky Maivia, to The Rock, then doing some movies to … you’re a businessman now. How did that transition happen?”

Dwayne Johnson: “Just over time, and I think it’s something that we connected on, is just wanting to grow. You want to grow your business, you want to grow your enterprise. And, by the way, at the end of the day you always want to make it about the work. It’s always about the hard work. It’s easy in this world of Hollywood — and Deco Drive has interviewed a lot of stars over the years — it’s easy to kind of get lost and wrapped up in the glitz and the glamour. We like to keep it all about the work.”

Kevin Hart (as Calvin Joyner): “God, man, look at you. You’ve lost like 200 pounds. What did you do?”

Dwayne Johnson (as Bob Stone): “I just did one thing.”

Kevin Hart (as Calvin Joyner): “I need to know.”

Dwayne Johnson (as Bob Stone): “I worked out six hours a day, every day, for the last 20 years straight.”

“Central Intelligence” is now out in theaters.

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