Cellphone app brings Wynwood mural to life

The art in Wynwood is larger than life. The paintings cover walls, and the sides of many buildings  — but now there’s a mural that, with the right technology, can come to life.

Wynwood is known for its artistic walls, but what if those walls could talk?

There is a mural on the corner of Northwest Third Avenue and 25th Street, and the creators hope you find it very “app”-ealing.

Linda Cheung, artist: “The mural is called Anthropocene Extinction. It’s an augmented-reality mural.”

The goal of this Wynwood mural is to make folks more aware of climate change and biodiversity.

Linda Cheung: “One-hundred-fifty to 200 species of plants and animals are dying every day, and that is at a rate that is 1,000 times what’s natural.”

One way you can experience these animals is by just downloading an app and pointing your phone.

Juan Carlos Gallo, software developer: “Point the app at every single animal, and it brings the animals to life, and it will show you a whole 3-D environment that is surrounding this wall.”

So, you can go from seeing a Key deer to learning about them.

Juan Carlos Gallo: “It shows you a story about Key deer here in South Florida, and how it’s being endangered by pollution and all the different threats that are affecting all the different the populations here.”

Or go from admiring a sea turtle to finding out what is harming them.

The technology is called AR, but we are calling it cool!

Reinier Gamboa, artist: “If you put your phone up to the faces of each animal, it will recognize the faces.”

The video pops up on your screen; so does the information about what you are looking at.

Chase Baker, used app: “I thought it was a cool app. It’s nice and interactive, and you get to learn about the ecosystem and animals.”

The app is free and can be downloaded onto an Android or an Apple product.

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