Celebs team up to create Prive Revaux sunglasses

In Hollywood, everybody wears sunglasses no matter where they go. It’s kinda like the cool thing to do. And in South Florida, it’s the must-have accessory because it’s always sunny. Thanks to Jamie Foxx, there’s a new line of shades that scream luxury, but it’s extremely affordable — and it’s got celebrities eyeing them.

Jamie Foxx, in Instagram video: “Maybe I want to be the mogul.”

Ashley Benson, in Instagram video: “Or the artist.”

Jeremy Piven, in Instagram video: “The explorer.”

Hailee Steinfeld, in Instagram video: “The jetsetter.”

You too can be like Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Piven, Hailee Steinfeld and Ashley Benson.

The four celeb pals are now business partners in a sunglass company called Prive Revaux.

Prive Revaux launched at the beginning of the month.

While the brand may sound like it’s expensive — it’s anything but.

Jamie Foxx: “I said, ‘Let’s do an affordable sunglass that’s under $30.'”

Each pair costs $29.95.

But that very appealing price doesn’t mean they’re throwing shade when it comes to this new line of shades.

Jamie Foxx: “We go through each frame so when we give it to our friends, either in Hollywood or our friends back home, they feel like it’s special.”

David Shottenstein is one of Jamie’s partners — and he’s based right here in the 305.

David says it’s not just the frames that scream luxury.

David Shottenstein: “The customer is surprised and delighted when they get the package. They open the package, and it’s gorgeous. The case is beautiful.”

Here’s how that idea came about.

Jamie Foxx: “So I’m wearing these glasses that were from the gas station on my Instagram, people were really going crazy.”

And that became the framework for his new business.

David Shottenstein: “We feel like we have a great product, great story and a great brand.”

And they’re taking over Hollywood.

David Shottenstein: “We’ve got Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Blake Lively, Lily Collins. We have all these people wearing Prive Revaux.”

Even Jamie’s “Baby Driver” co-star Ansel Elgort is re-framing himself.

David Shottenstein: “It’s spreading like wildfire.”

From oversized to mirrored frames and black sleek shades to cool aviators — there’s something for everyone at Prive.

Prive also sells eyeglasses. The company is offering a special 10 percent off discount to all Deco viewers. It runs through Sunday.

The discount code is DecoDrive10.


Prive Revaux Eyewear

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