Celebs talk with Deco about their Thanksgiving plans

Thanksgiving really isn’t complete without family, food, football and Deco! Not necessarily in that order. Deco talked to celebrities about their turkey day plans.

Now, this is one dysfunctional family. “Knives Out” is a whodunnit about the mysterious death of a wealthy family’s patriarch.

Daniel Craig (as Benoit Blanc): “I suspect foul play.”

The perfect Thanksgiving movie, right? And in reality, stars Daniel Craig and Jamie Lee Curtis know things can get messy during the holidays.

Daniel Craig: “They’re chaotic, but they’re chaotic in good ways. They’re chaotic because getting a lot of people to turn up at your house all at the same time, on time, can be. Or, do you just bully people into getting there?”

Jamie Lee Curtis: “Yeah, yeah. I’m a control freak.”

Jimmy Buffett’s “Escape to Margaritaville” musical is at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts for Thanksgiving, but the living legend himself will be out west.

Jimmy Buffett: “I’m gonna spend time with my family! We’re still scattered about, but this is the time for everybody to get back together, so Thanksgiving’s in California where two of my kids live.”

Justin Long (as Josh): “I’m a professor.”

Kate Berlant (as Josh’s sister): “You’re an adjunct professor.”

Lynn Cohen (as Josh’s grandmother): “What’s an adjunct?”

Kate Berlant (as Josh’s sister): “It’s kind of like a professor!”

Justin Long’s got a new movie coming out called “Safe Spaces,” but he told Deco his Thanksgiving tradition is all about another film.

Justin Long: ” Every year, my family, we watch ‘Planes Trains and Automobiles,’ and we just all laugh as a family. God, I’ve seen that movie probably 100 times, and I always find something new to appreciate about it.”

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t ask celebs about their favorite Thanksgiving food.

Sienna Miller from “21 Bridges” knows what she’ll be eating next week.

Sienna Miller: “Turkey. A lot of turkey for me.”

Actor and model Alan Ritchson, who stars in a new comedy called “The Turkey Bowl,” actually isn’t a fan of the bird.

Alan Ritchson: “Oh, ham, for sure. All day. Who wants turkey? I like stuffing. If we could stuff a ham, I think I’d be very happy.”

Justin Long, on the other hand, isn’t picky.

Justin Long: “I like it all. I wanna get a lot of tryptophan in my body, watch football and go to sleep.”

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