Celebs reveal Thanksgiving plans, what they’re thankful for

Whether you’re a celebrity or not, when it comes to Thanksgiving, we all find ourselves scarfing down leftover stuffing with the fridge door wide open. The holidays are a time for stars to unwind, and tonight we’re finding out what their Turkey Day plans are.

Thanksgiving is almost here, and celebrities are so ready to be out of the spotlight and surrounded by loved ones.

Chadwick Boseman: “I’m looking forward to, uh, to eating some good food with good people.”

Rob Lowe: “My favorite part is, for sure, having families, you know, big, big family dinners.”

The very idea of Thanksgiving is a new tradition for some stars.

Katherine Langford: “Coming from Australia, we don’t have Thanksgiving, so this concept is very new, but I got to experience Thanksgiving last year, and it’s — I just love the fact that you can bring people together.”

For newlyweds, figuring out how to divide their time is the biggest struggle.

Bridgit Mendler: “I haven’t done, like, that married couple holiday, like merge the whole families thing, just like, can you bring all the family together to see you? Yeah! What are the different tricks?”

But they all have a lot to be thankful for. They’re rich, famous and beautiful.

Romany Malco: “I’m thankful for money (laughs) Like making it rain, I got that!”

Sonequa Martin-Green: “Jesus, uh, number one: Kendrick, my husband, Kendrick, my son, family as well.”

Dennis Quaid: “I got engaged, so I’m very grateful about that.”

Jamie Lee Curtis: “I am thankful for my sobriety.”

Daniel Craig: “I am thankful for my family, my friends.”

Jamie Lee Curtis: “Oh, fine, I’m thankful for my family, too, geez. And my friends, and Daniel Craig.”

Daniel Craig: “And I’m thankful for Jamie’s sobriety.”

Jamie Lee Curtis: “Thanks, Daniel.”

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