Celebs attend royal wedding at Windsor Castle

With a wedding this royal, you just know there was going to be plenty of star power in attendance. A-listers hung out at Windsor Castle this weekend to give their support to Meghan and Prince Harry. And lucky for us, they posted plenty of pics and video on social media.

Oprah: “We had dress gate! We had the wrong color, but now we have the right color. I think we’re gonna do OK.”

A wedding can never truly be royal without this queen.

Oprah gave props to the Stella McCartney team for making a last minute fix to her dress.

Oprah: “Thank you very much!”

O was looking great at the wedding, as were the Clooneys and the Beckhams.

David was super smiley…

Maybe because while we watched from across the pond, he and Victoria had perfect seats to witness history in the making.

Patrick Adams (as Michael Ross): “I have wanted to marry you since the second I met you.”

Last month, Meghan Markle tied the knot with her former “Suits” co-star Patrick Adams.

This weekend, Patrick brought his real wife, Troian Bellisario, to support his TV wife.

He really gets around, doesn’t he?

Speaking of co-stars, that’s actress Abigail Spencer singing alongside Serena Williams!

Serena showed off her before and after looks as she got glammed up for the wedding, along with a pic with her prince — hubby Alexis Ohanian.

Priyanka Chopra took a moment to post for her own wedding pic.

Of course Elton John was also there, and performed later at the reception.

And while Kate Beckinsale wasn’t in attendance, she posted this throwback of her date with a young Prince Harry.

Who’s going to be the one to tell her that’s not the prince?

And here’s the pic we’ve all been waiting for: the official wedding portrait.

The happy couple and all the close family is there and … wait. Who’s that between Prince Harry and his dad Prince Charles?

Oh, I thought that was her!

Belkys, who spent the week covering the big event for Deco, must have endeared herself to Queen Lizzie and gotten invited for a quick photo op!

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