Forget superfoods. We’re here to tell you about food that’s super good and super new in town. Deco’s head chef and resident eye candy, Alex Miranda, is here with the deets.

SoFlo is the place to be. Two celebrity chefs have new spots at a popular Miami Beach food hall, and Deco’s ready to take a bite.

Spice it up, SoFlo! If you’re looking for good food this summer, Time Out Market in Miami Beach has you covered.

Virginia Gil, Time Out Market Miami: “Everything you eat and drink here has been handpicked by me or one of my colleagues, so we’ve tasted everything, eaten everything, and we want to make sure that it’s the best of the city.”

The market is celebrating the grand opening of, not one, but two new spots by celebrity chefs Amaris Jones and Jeremiah Bullfrog.

Up first, Chick’n Jones.

Amaris Jones: “Chick’n Jones is a fast casual, modern fried chicken concept that I’ve been working on for many, many years.”

When it comes to her fried chicken, Amaris means business, and she’s making big promises.

Amaris Jones: “I’m serving the best fried chicken that you’ve ever, ever had.”

Chick’n Jones is serving up chicken on the bone and in a sandwich.

If you like it a little hot, there’s a spicy version with a hot honey sauce.

Amaris Jones: “The spicy chicken is spicy, but not spicy enough to be scary.”

Yanessa Escandel, diner: “The fried chicken with the hot honey glaze on top, that drizzle, oh, I just wanna put that hot honey on everything, but that fried chicken was crunchy and juicy and just perfect.”

The chicken’s so good, even SoFlo star Deborah Cox came by to get it.

Deborah Cox: “She puts her heart and soul into it, and this is a recipe that nobody else has.”

Also joining the Time Out Market: Jeremiah Bullfrog’s Square Pie City.

Jeremiah Bullfrog: “Square Pie City, Detroit-style pizza. We’re super excited to bring Detroit-style pizza to Miami.”

First things first. What is Detroit-style pizza?

Jeremiah Bullfrog: “Detroit-style pizza is a bit of thicker crust. We’ve got a square pie, and we bake the cheese right into the sides of the pizza, so it makes a nice, crispy crust, and sauce topped.”

The pie gets topped with even more cheese before going in the oven, and once it comes out, well, a little extra sauce never hurt nobody.

Jeremiah Bullfrog: “If you’re trying our pizza for the first time, you’re ordering Square Pie City, buckle up, get in for the ride. Get a cheese pie, get the classics. You come, we’re gonna take care of you.”

Yanessa Escandel: “The cheese, the sauce, it’s just the perfect ratio, and that crispy crunch on the outside, great.”

Chick’n Jones is now open, and Square Pie City officially opens on Wednesday.

Chick’n Jones

Square Pie City

Time Out Market Miami
1601 Drexel Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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