Hollywood is a divided town. Not over “Me Too” allegations or politics. No, they’re taking sides over the Super Bowl. Tonight, A-listers tell Deco if they’re team Rams or team cheater — we mean “team Pats.

Michael Douglas, actor: “My heart is with the Rams. My head, I worry. They’ve been there so many times.”

It’s east versus west coast as the Los Angeles Rams take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 53, and Hollywood’s elite are divided!

Marin Hinkle, actress: “I’m a Boston fan. Sorry if that bothers anyone. Sorry.”

Aldis Hodge, actor: “Crazy enough, I got no dog in the fight, man. I’m just going to watch a good performance and see what happens.”

Josh Brener, actor: “OK the Rams, eh, but the Pats are gonna win. I mean, Belichick’s gonna dominate.”

Kevin Pollak, actor: “I’m from San Francisco, so of course I hate Los Angeles.”

Max Greenfield, actor: “The Rams. You go, ‘I’d like to see the Rams win.’ Although if the Patriots win too, it would be kind of fun ’cause they’re just that good.”

Henry Winkler, actor: “Well, my team is Seahawks because I know Pete Carroll when my son went to USC.”

Tamala Jones, actress: “I heard the Cowboys. Are they? Are they? Oh, I don’t know.”

Taraji P. Henson didn’t reveal which team she’s rooting for but said she will be watching.

Taraji P. Henson, actress: “My fiancé is ex-NFL. He went to the Super Bowl with the Colts and got the ring, so of course you know football is going to be on in the house.”

But her “What Men Want” co-star, Tracy Morgan, had no problem doing a little name dropping, hoping to score suite seats from New England’s owner Robert Kraft.

Tracy Morgan, actor: “Good friends with me. As a matter of fact, Robert Kraft, yo Lucas, Robert Kraft call yesterday? So we’re good friends.”

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