Everyone’s been asking what we’re gonna be for Halloween. Let’s just say that we’re going to a different place.

We’re getting our costumes ready, and the stars are, too. Spoiler alert: There is not a single slutty kitty in there. Boring!

It’s all about “Hallow-scene” for “Last Night in Soho” star Anya Taylor Joy.

Anya Tylor Joy (hallo-scream joy): “The second that it’s no longer Halloween, I always have to watch ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas,’ because it’s the perfect film to bridge the gap.”

Writer-director Edgar Wright created a classic with “Shaun of the Dead,” and one particular outfit from the film is an inspo for many.

Edgar Wright (dead giveaway): “That is one of the easiest Halloween costumes of all time. That’s my gift to kind of, like, lazy guys out there. Get a white shirt and a red tie and a cricket bat.”

“Celebrity Exorcism” stars have their plans set.

Metta World Peace (sweet treats): “Trick or treat with the kids, put some candy out, and I’m actually going to dress up like a ‘300’ gladiator.”

Jodie Sweetin (she’s got Squid Game): “I have an eighth grader and a sixth grader. My younger one is thinking of being someone from one of the contestants from ‘Squid Game.'”

Horror Heavyweight Jason Blum is always in the spirit.

Jason Blum (a blum-ing good time): “At Blum house, we don’t have a Christmas party, we have a Halloween party.”

When it comes to a favorite costume they’ve worn, the kids from  “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” have their favorites.

Mckenna Grace (cat’s entertainment): “Victoria the white cat from ‘Cats,’ and I got a makeup artist from the film that I was on to, like, do my makeup.”

Finn Wolfhard (just face it): “Mine was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One side of my face was normal, and the other side of my face was like painted, all messed up. My mom absolutely killed it.”

Father knows best, except when it came to Judy Greer’s get-up. Her dad totally trashed her first creation.

Judy Greer (talking trash): “My dad was like, ‘I have an idea,’ and he took a garbage can, like, from the side of the house. He gave me a baseball hat that he had stapled garbage to, so he was like, ‘There, you’re a can of garbage’. Like, this was my first boy-girl party.”

And for “Halloween Kills” star Jamie Lee Curtis, it always tends to be a big deal.

Jaime Lee Curtis (All Hallows’ Lee): “I’m the face of Halloween. It’s the movie that has given me my entire life, so I’m proud of it, actually.”

Jaime Lee Curtis (as Laurie Strode): “Evil dies tonight.”

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