Celebrities celebrate Mother’s Day with their mommas

If ya ask Chris, every day is Mother’s Day. That’s the truth and totally not something he just says to seem sweet. Yesterday was officially Mother’s Day, and believe it or not, A-list stars also celebrated — just like real people!

Oprah: “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Find someone who’s as excited about you as Oprah is about Mother’s Day.

O gifted her mom a little TLC.

Oprah: “Foot nanny on my mother’s feet, and watching Tyler Perry on TV.”

Zoe Saldana didn’t walk, but ran to get her Mother’s Day wishes.

Zoe Saldana: “Say hi everybody. Happy Mother’s Day!”

*kids say Happy Mother’s Day*

Kendall Jenner celebrated Mother’s Day with an extreme close-up of her face … while big sister Kim cuddled-up with her three precious babies.

Jessica Alba shared a special Sunday brunch with her three kids … while the Rock says he continues to be in awe of Lauren Hashian because she’s such a great mom to his two youngest girls.

Mother’s Day had mother of four Heidi Klum feeling all like cute and sassy in a Snapchat video.

Jennifer Lopez: “Feeling loved and appreciated.”

J. Lo has no shortage of flowers at home.

And John Legend had to go and make us all jealous again over how beautiful his family is.

He gave mad props to Chrissy Teigen for being a fantastic mom … while Chrissy shared her own adorable pic with little Luna.

Speaking of adorable, Pink was all smiles with her little ones.

Gabrielle Union: Happy Mother’s Day!”

Dwyane Wade: “Happy Mother’s Day, everybody.”

Gabrielle Union: “All right, listen up, Miami!”

SoFlo’s favorite power couple Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union were in such a good mood, they gave away free showings to her new movie, “Breaking In,” at AMC Aventura.

And how about the mothers of Deco Drive? Lynn works hard here, but the proud mama says motherhood is her most important job. Amen!

Chris knows where his bread is buttered, giving a nice shout-out to Mama Van Vliet on Instagram.

And here’s my favorite person and number one fan. Love ya, mom!

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