For Asians around the world, 2023 is the year of the rabbit. For South Florida party people, it’s a chance to celebrate in a unique way.

A new weekly pop-up in Fort Lauderdale is serving up eye-catching entertainment and food. And that’s the naked truth.

No, they haven’t run out of sushi plates. This is just part of the fun at The Jade Rabbit Experience inside Sistrunk Marketplace.

Steve Dapuzzo: “We’re embracing the history of the Jade Rabbit story as well as intertwining it with a sushi lounge experience.”

The Jade Rabbit is a symbol of peace and prosperity. At this pop-up, it also means getting hungry and getting hot.

Steve Dapuzzo: “We thought that by embracing something a little bit different, having a sushi lounge where people could come socialize, a whole series of shows throughout the night, burlesque shows, to a little fire dance.”

The performers aren’t up on some faraway stage. The show’s right next to you, and you won’t see the same performances twice.

Steve Dapuzzo: “So as you’re talking, eating, and all of a sudden, something, a little surprise and a little dance. It evolves and changes each night, so it’s something you might want to come back multiple times and try out.”

Lila Starlet: “We have rotating performers throughout all the weeks, and I do burlesque, I also do belly dance and fire. I’m also a character performer, so there’ll be different acts throughout the night.”

The dancers are all fired up, but the evening’s main dish is accompanied by some body heat.

Steve Dapuzzo: “During the experience, sushi will be offered on the naked model. The food is actually on banana leaves on her body.”

There’s a foxy bartender on hand ready to design drinks to match the moment.

Steve Dapuzzo: “We have a whole bunch of signature cocktails, both sake-based and alcohol-based, that really tempt your taste buds as well as quench your thirst.”

You should probably leave the little ones home when you hit up the experience.

Steve Dapuzzo: “It’s something really for adults to enjoy, get out. If you’re having a rough week, you’re looking for something fun, this is definitely something to do.”

The Jade Rabbit Experience goes down Friday and Saturday nights through the end of June. Hop on over and dig it.

Janette Hawks: “It was so amazing. We had naked sushi, we had belly dancers, we had fire. It was amazing, it was so fun.”

Sistrunk Marketplace & Brewery
115 NW 6th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

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