Celebrate National Lobster Day with date night at Lobster Bar Sea Grille

This Friday is National Lobster Day. Yes, that’s a thing. One South Florida hotspot is celebrating by launching their summer seafood feast like you’ve never seen.

This summer, date night is a real catch — at Lobster Bar Sea Grille on Miami Beach.

Arturo Paz, chef: “We’re really excited about our Lobster Date Night menu, which we’re going to be launching on National Lobster Day, and we’re gonna run it all the way through the end of the summer.”

Here are the three specials the restaurant is cooking up.

Arturo Paz: “A Wagyu chili lobster preparation with a 12-ounce Snake River Farms Wagyu steak and a two-pound chili lobster. We’re also doing our signature lobster fried tail, so it’s two lobster tails with a honey mustard sauce and drawn butter.”

And last but not least…

Arturo Paz: “Our lobster for two, which is a four-pound steamed lobster.”

That gets served to you tableside. Looks delicious!

The meal doesn’t end there. You also get to pick two of their signature salads and one of their sides, like sizzling Brussels sprouts.

Arturo Paz: “You’re getting a lot more food for a lot less.”

It’s not just a lot less, it’s half the price for the restaurant’s most famous dishes.

Arturo Paz: “This is definitely the best way to experience Lobster Bar, because you’re going to get all different kinds of specialty preparations.”

And don’t get all caught up on the words “date night,” because anyone can feast on this deal.

Arturo Paz: “It’s a perfect opportunity to bring your date, or if you have a foodie friend that you want to bring to experience the lobster preparation.”

In other words, the door is open if you want to clang claws with a friend.

Stacy Moya, customer: “You can pig out on this amazing huge lobster. I’ll bring my best friend any day.”

Or indulge on a romantic dinner on South Beach. Lobster date night will suit your palate and keep your wallet happy.

Tal Sheinman, customer: “How could you go wrong? For the price that they’re charging for this type of food, it’s amazing.”


Lobster Bar Sea Grille
404 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 377-2675

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